Visual C++ Team Blog

The Visual C++ Team has started a team blog at

This is a great step for directly communicating with C++ developers in the community.



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  1. Bahaa says:

    Good news … This should have taken place long ago. Congrats!

  2. wil says:

    Please add this link to the page , which currently contains a few active and a lot of inactive C++ blog links.  Maybe this one will draw more posts from MS staff!

  3. AymanS says:

    The page at is now updated with the link to the VC++ Team blog.


    Ayman Shoukry

  4. Glen says:

    Hey any idea when the VC team (esp Herb) might feel like announcing what is going to be in the next version of VC after Orcas? Especially things like VC support for XAML designers, ASP.NET support etc. etc. CodeDOM etc. I’ve seen some excellent stuff regarding multi CPU support future<T> etc. But more details on other things would be great.

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