Migrating to VC++ 2005

I have been hanging a lot lately on the VC++ MSDN forums and I have noticed that lots of the issues raised there are due to migration difficulty to VC2005. Hence, I am thinking of starting a series of small short posts here explaining some of the common issues developers would face when migrating their C++ code to VC++ 2005. It is probably going to be along the line of:

1) Here is the old code

2) Here are the current errors VC++ 2005 is issuing.

3) Here is how to fix the old code.

4) When possible, explain the reasons behind the change.

If you have specific thoughts or if you think you have run across something that is a common migration issue, please let me know.


Ayman Shoukry

Comments (2)

  1. Jack says:

    How about the fact that most attributed ATL code has been broken? Using quotes ‘inappropriately’ within attributes causes VC2005 to vomit for example. i.e. threading(‘free’)

  2. Emad says:

    it will be nice to gain from your experience

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