Parallel X++ Compilation for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 with Cumulative Update 7

In this post we describe the new AXBuild.exe utility that you can use to increase the speed of a compilation of all X++ source code and metadata validation. AXBuild became available in November 2013 as part of cumulative update 7 (cu7) for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2. There are initial clarifications to understand about AXBuild:…


AxErd – New site with AX2012 R2 entity relationship diagrams

A small commercial for those who missed the new site that provides database entity relationship diagrams for tables of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2. Now you can get diagrams like this – prebuilt for key areas: This is where you find it: Also check out this blog post: Enjoy! 🙂  

How the X++ compiler works for AX2012

By request, today’s blog attempts to explains the sequence of phases that are performed by the X++ compiler in AX 2012. The compile process is a little bit involved, so a drawing quickly becomes quite complicated. Instead we’ve tried to present the explanation in two modes that compliment each other:A. C#-ish pseudocodeB. Corresponding paragraphs of verbiage…


Worth knowing when you leave part of your application broken

We’ve seen a number of instances where part of the application was left in broken state “because we don’t use that part anyway”. While we understand the sentiment behind this statement and attempt to accommodate the behavior through e.g. the suppression list for IL generation, there’s something you need to understand when you do this:…


AX2012 R2 hotfix available to improve compile speed

As you probably know, we’ve been working on providing a hotfix to cut the overhead in compile time experienced between AX2012 RTM and R2. For some of the systems where the issue was reported, the fix improved performance by as much as 50% – quite visible when comparing to previous compile times achieved with AX 2012….


Compile… oh no!

With AX it takes time to crunch through all the code and metadata. However, many are seeing “extremely long” compile times. In one of the earlier blogs, we reference compile times just under 2 hours on a VM when compiling AX2012 RTM. I’m hearing from an increasing number of people that they are spending way…