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Cannot add Work Items from Lifecycle Services after completing the setup of Visual Studio Team Services integration in an AX 2012 project.

When working with AX 2012 projects in LCS (Lifecycle Services), the option for adding Work Items from LCS is missing after completing the setup of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) integration. When creating a Dynamics AX (AX7) project and doing the exact same setup, then Work Items can be created from LCS and stored in… Read more

Change Administrator password after AX 2012 demo environments has been deployed from Lifecycle Services

When you deploy a cloud-hosted Dynamics AX 2012 demo environment from Lifecycle Services (LCS), the password for Administrator is fixed and well known. We have discovered that this causes unauthorized usage via RDP and hackers can use it to spread viruses and malware.   After the AX 2012 demo environment has been deployed to Azure,… Read more

Setting up SharePoint Online with Lifecycle Services project fails with error OAuthAppAuthorizationFailure

The scenario is this:You have the role as Project Owner for a project in Lifecycle Services (LCS) and you want to use a SharePoint Online team site to store the project documents. You did not create the team site, but you have been granted Site collection administrator permissions for the team site so you can… Read more

When the Download button in not available on the LCS Issue search

Sometimes you may find a fix like KB2975071 that has been released for both AX2012 R2 and AX2012 R3. The issue is the Download button is only available for AX2012 R2, but not for AX2012 R3. The hotfix process of the In-Market Engineering team is that they release a fix for the customer that reported the… Read more

Configure SSRS for load balancing in your Azure deployment

Using the Cloud-hosted environment tool in Lifecycle Services, you can deploy a High Availability environment. When you deploy a High Availability environment, two BI servers are deployed by default. Each BI server has SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) configured as a unique local instance. Use the following information to… Read more

Crash and Hang analysis on LCS

Starting with the March release we’ve introduced a new feature in LCS for Crash and Hang analysis. Currently the feature is in the Beta phase, so it will need to be activated from the “Preview feature management” menu – “Public preview features” – “Crash and Hang Analysis”. After you activate the feature, it will appear… Read more

AX Content: September release of Lifecycle Services (LCS)

It’s always fun to watch each month as each Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services update comes out. Some months we have a lot of new features, and some months just a few, but the site continues to evolve rapidly. The September release is now available and contains several new features to help you manage your AX… Read more

Connecting Retail Components on an External Computer to the Microsoft Dynamics AX R3 Azure Lifecycle Services Demo Virtual Machine

If you’re not using our AX 2012 R3 demo image on Azure by now… well, you should be. There is an excellent guide on getting your Azure account linked with Lifcecycle Services so you can deploy the demo virtual machine: Deploy Microsoft Dynamics AX on Azure [AX 2012]. If you are using the Demo VM… Read more

AX Content: Cloud powered support

Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services has a new feature you’ll want to check out: Cloud powered support! Cloud powered support helps you manage support incidents. How it works Cloud powered support lets you create a virtual machine (VM) in Microsoft Azure that has the same hotfixes installed as your local environment. You can reproduce and record… Read more

AX Content: Deploy AX 2012 R3 on Azure

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 can be deployed on Microsoft Azure! This blog post provides an overview, and points you to TechNet articles that provide the details you’ll need for your deployment. How to deploy To deploy AX 2012 R3 on Azure, you can use Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services. Lifecycle Services is a cloud-based collaborative… Read more