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Using the Named User License Count report

The Named User License Counts report contains information about the users and their assigned security roles in Dynamics AX. This report also analyzes the duties and privileges of each user and calculates the number of licenses that are required for each type (Enterprise/Functional/Task/Self Serve). More information is available in the Licensing guide.  First, be aware that… Read more

AX 2012: AxUtil genlicense fails with the serial number specificed in the ISV license is invalid

We’ve recently released a new hotfix for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, relating to the genlicense command for axutil that ISVs will use to generate licenses for their solutions. The issue was that certain customer serial numbers containing alpha characters may cause the license generation process to fail with the error: “the serial number specificed in… Read more

AX 2012 Licensing

We have been getting a lot of questions around licensing for AX 2012 which is great!!  We’re happy to have new licenses going out!  I decided to put a blog article together with all of the tidbits around licensing I am aware of.  So here goes: The first thing to know is Microsoft is not proactively… Read more