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How to consolidate intercompany customer invoices

Recently I shared a post explaining how to consolidate intercompany vendor invoices. In this post I will cover how to consolidate intercompany customer invoice. In order to achieve the consolidation of intercompany customer invoices the default summary update for the customer should be activated for intercompany customer account, otherwise the arrange function will not be… Read more

How to consolidate intercompany vendor invoices

The intercompany transactions are frequently used between sister companies; at the end of the trading cycle the invoicing should take place. Let us assume that there is trading relation between two sister companies, in daily business practice company A sells goods to its sister company B. The invoices relation could be one invoice for one… Read more

Error: Sales is not marked as Direct delivery and an intercompany vendor cannot be included. – Direct Delivery with Intercompany

In case of you are intended to create a direct delivery for end customer through an Intercompany purchase order using Direct Delivery function,  you may receive an Infolog error message “Sales is not marked as Direct delivery and an intercompany vendor cannot be included.” when you mark Include in Direct Delivery form, and this error prevent transaction execution.   … Read more

Intercompany time postings incomplete at transaction voucher level when project date differs from the day posted

In AX 2012 R2, before Cu6, the following issue occurs: project timesheets vouchers are not ok for intercompany postings. Trying to post an intercompany timesheet for projects, the system uses a wrong posting date for part of the voucher. Moreover, as a consequence, the entire posted voucher is visible only in the G/L and not… Read more

Intercompany summary update settings

AX 2009 To be able to arrange different intercompany orders for getting one delivery note or invoice, you have to use Automatic summary settings in the following way: 1. Click Area Page node: Accounts payable -> Setup -> Parameters. 2. Switch to the Summary update tab on the Accounts payable parameters form. Set as “Automatic… Read more