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Importing a General Journal using Data Import/Export Framework AX 2012

Here is a tutorial on how to configure Dynamics AX 2012 to import a general journal from a CSV file. The steps below are using Contoso demo data. Create a new folder on the root of the C: Drive and name it “DIEF”: Navigate to Data import export framework | Setup | Data import export… Read more

New import/export tool and updated guidance!

We are pleased to announce the release of the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Test Data Transfer Tool (beta) on InformationSource!This command-line tool exports data from a Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 business database, and imports it into a Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 business database ina non-production environment. Internally, we’ve called this the Dataport tool, and we… Read more

Budget entries import in AX2012

In AX 2012 Budget entries can be inserted using the Office Add-ins. This functionality is helpful also to copy an existing budget into a new one, since the “copy-budget” functionality, avaialble in AX2009, is no more available in AX2012 due to the major re-design of the budget module and functionalities.   Below, all the steps… Read more

Data Imports in AX 2012

We have had many, many questions around importing data in AX 2012. Until recentlythe best way to do imports has been through the use of services. Services arestill a great way to import data but you have more choices now. Fairly recentlythe Data Migration Framework tool (DMF) became available as a public beta. The DMF… Read more

Surrogate foreign keys in AIF

Although the use of “natural keys” in place of surrogate foreign keys in AIF is a documented design change in AX 2012, it seems there are still some questions around this functionality. Per the documentation (… The document services framework “..replaces a surrogate foreign key (SFK) with the natural key for a specific table relationship.”… Read more

How to import default site and warehouse locations for a product using services (AIF)

I have recently had questions around how to import default site and warehouse locations for products when using AIF, so I thought an explanation and an example here might be helpful. Three tables need to have the correct Dimension ID relationships setup in order for the item todefault the correct Site/Warehouse combination. Within AX, you can set these… Read more

Importing Products into AX 2012

We have had several questions on how to import items/products into AX 2012.  There is a blog the development team created around calling the services needed to import those items.  In the example below we used the same code the development team used and re-wrote it so that it might look more familiar to you.  That is to say,… Read more

Importing zip codes into AX via AIF

If you are importing addresses into AX you will discover that the zip codes in your addresses need to exist in AX before you can successfully import the addresses.  This is true regardless of the tool you are using to perform the imports.  If you are using AIF there isn’t an out-of-the-box service within AX form zip code imports.  The existing DirAddressService… Read more

Importing Employees in AX 2009

To import employees via Excel use a concept similar to the import of customers and vendors but add additional tricks to get the Name and Search name fields from the DirPartyTable populated.  (If you are unfamiliar with importing customers and vendors see KB article #960729.) When defining your Excel import choose to import into the EmplTable… Read more

AD Import Issue AX 2009

Issue Only a few user are returned when using the “AD Import Wizard” in AX 2009 Cause This problem occurs because some settings on the network domain are required for non-domain administrators to view all users on the domain within the Active Directory Import Wizard in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Resolution Here is one possible workaround to resolve… Read more