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Troubleshooting ModelDataBase not found issue during hotfix installation

There are different instances where you might need to install a hotfix whether it be for a bug fix or version upgrade or preparing environment for a particular build. Hotfix installation goes smooth most of the times. Sometimes, you would see that during hotfix installation, there might not be any error in the installer but the… Read more

Find which Hot-Fixes (KBs) you have installed in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Within Update 2 of Microsoft Dynamics AX, it is now possible to check which hot-fixes are installed. From Visual Studio, under the Dynamics AX menu, select Addins > Apply Hotfix. Then in the Apply Hotfix form, select the View Installed Hotfixes tab. However, in RTW and Update 1 it was not so straight forward to… Read more

How to get changes from a hotfix package

There were several requests asking to provide information on what exactly is changed in a hotfix and what’s included as a dependency. I understand this may be helpful when after a hotfix installation you need to merge the new Microsoft code with your customization. Below is the description how to get hotfix changes from a… Read more

Microsoft Dynamics AX update installer throws an exception.

I recently had the following error show up in my queue. An unexpected exception occurred during setup. See the log file C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Dynamics AX\Dynamics AX Setup Logs\2016-02-03 22-34-07\DynamicsSetupLog.txt for details. The log had the following. Exception: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException Message: The parameter value must be greater than zero. Parameter name: textLength FullText: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: The parameter value must be… Read more

AX for Retail: Customizing your Hotfix Packages for Remote Deployments

You may have noticed throughout 2012 R3, R3 CU8, and R3 CU9 that AX hotfix packages are quite a bit larger in size than they used to be.  This is not really a problem for most non-Retail environments:  if you’re deploying a hotfix to a series of AOS’s, AX Clients and your model store, unzipping… Read more

When the Download button in not available on the LCS Issue search

Sometimes you may find a fix like KB2975071 that has been released for both AX2012 R2 and AX2012 R3. The issue is the Download button is only available for AX2012 R2, but not for AX2012 R3. The hotfix process of the In-Market Engineering team is that they release a fix for the customer that reported the… Read more

Warning when installing AX 2012 R3 Application hotfix: The model store you selected requires a newer version of the installer than the one you’re using.

Scenario: When you try to install a single Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Application hotfix you may sometime experience the following warning; and installation will not proceed further: The model store you selected requires a newer version of the installer than the one you’re using.  The latest version of the update installer can be downloaded from… Read more

Crash and Hang analysis on LCS

Starting with the March release we’ve introduced a new feature in LCS for Crash and Hang analysis. Currently the feature is in the Beta phase, so it will need to be activated from the “Preview feature management” menu – “Public preview features” – “Crash and Hang Analysis”. After you activate the feature, it will appear… Read more

Project Management and Service Industries Hotfixes Released in December 2014 (Part 2)

In this blog series I will be posting the hotfixes released for the Project Management and Accounting, as well as the Service Industries modules for Dynamics AX 2012 R2 and Dynamics AX 2012 R3 twice each month. I would like to raise visibility for customers and partners to see what’s been updated and changed, as there’s many… Read more

[AX 2012 R3] Why is my Kernel build version not changing after installing CU-8 or the latest binary hotfix?

Scenario:You have downloaded the CU-8 hotfix from partnersource/customersource and/or are using the LCS Update installer to download and install CU-8 on your AX 2012 R3 RTM. You have completed the install and been through the software update checklist. Later you run AX client and click on Help > About, and notice that the Kernel build… Read more