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How to consolidate intercompany customer invoices

Recently I shared a post explaining how to consolidate intercompany vendor invoices. In this post I will cover how to consolidate intercompany customer invoice. In order to achieve the consolidation of intercompany customer invoices the default summary update for the customer should be activated for intercompany customer account, otherwise the arrange function will not be… Read more

How to auto-populate the Country/Region code when adding addresses in Dynamics AX 2012

This post will cover how to auto-populate the country code when adding new addresses in Dynamics AX 2012. This can be very helpful, and save time if you have users in multiple regions that are entering new addresses for Vendors, Customer and Workers to name a few. The Country/Region Code in AX, when adding new… Read more

Sending email notifications for Retail orders [AX 2012 R2 and R3]

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 had introduced a new feature to automatically generate email messages to recipients based on specific events for Online Orders such as order created, picked, packed, shipped, etc.  With the addition of Call Center in AX 2012 R3, this feature was expanded to encapsulate other Retail orders.  This feature was designed to only… Read more

AX 2012 for Retail – Assigning customer address books to retail stores

The address book is not a new concept to AX, but in AX 2012 the use of the address books to associate customers was added to retail stores.  In working with this topic I have noted and recommend being on at least CU3 for AX 2012 for this to work properly. To assign address book(s) to retail stores,… Read more

Rebate Agreements in AX 2012

Rebates are payments or credits that are payable to customers based on pre-established agreements to purchase certain items in specific quantities or amounts. There can be distinguished between three Rebate types in process manufacturing:  Rebate – The rebate type is typically processed by sending a check to the customer or by deducting the rebate amount from… Read more

Unexpected customer on Invoice after changing project contract

I came across an issue where we had posted some project transactions and found that the project contract (customer) was incorrectly set. We change the project contract and we want to create an invoice to the customer. In AX 2012 we see that the invoice is created, but for an old customer. The reason is… Read more

Calling the Update Operation on Services in AX 2012

Calling the update operation on web services can range from simpleto very complicated depending on the entities/tables you are updating.  If the entity you are calling is not a dateeffective entity, then the service’s update method is easy to call.  You can tell if a table is date effective by going in theAOT to the… Read more

Updating customers via the Customer AIF service

We have received many questions in AX 2009 around how to update customers using the customer service in AIF.  People report errors like the following while trying to do updates: “The record in Address with record id <12345789> cannot be updated because the record has changed since last read.” To update customers set the DocumentHash of… Read more