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Serialising containers in X++

A problem I’ve hit a few times during troubleshooting is transferring containers from one environment to another. Importing a whole 100GB database to be able to access the results of a report packed into a 20MB container seems like a bit of an overkill. So, a natural idea would be to save the container to… Read more

Dynamics Online Payment Services – Common errors and troubleshooting steps

We are continuing to see a reoccurrence of very similar error messages when using Dynamics Online Payment Services (DOPS) with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and 2012. The resolutions normally deal with the setup and configuration of either AX or DOPS. This blog is intended to cover some of the common errors encountered with the resolutions… Read more

Calling AX 2012 Business Logic from SSIS Using a Script Task and Custom Web Service

This relatively simple example demonstrates how you can call AX business logic from SSIS by connecting to a custom web service. It assumes some knowledge of the individual technologies themselves. The underlying business logic for our custom web service in AX 2012 returns a message based on a parameter of type integer passed into it… Read more

Dynamics AX Table Caching: Basic Rules

This post provides some basic general guidance to get you started on setting table caching for custom tables, bearing in mind there will be exceptions. This should generally be defined at design time to avoid costly round trips to the database. As explained by Bertrand Caillet from our PFE (Premier Field Engineering) team: “This is… Read more

Troubleshooting that elusive “slowdown” in AX using Performance Analyzer 1.20 for Microsoft Dynamics

It’s 9.30am on Monday morning and you’ve just received reports of a “general slowdown” on Microsoft Dynamics AX. After probing further you find it was all over by 9:15am lasting around 15 minutes, but also happened once before and the users want action taken to prevent it happening again. There are never any guarantees when… Read more

DDL script generator for Dynamics AX 2012 R2

DDL script generator for Dynamics AX 2012 R2Synchronization   Description: The standard synchronization process is a single threaded process. This causes performance problems in larger upgradeslike AX 2012 RTM to R2, because we example add the partition column to all tables and indexes. By using the DDL scripts we can push the sql server and… Read more

Code example: how to export transactions with default dimensions to Excel

We recently had a support request where customer wanted to see all fixed asset transactions with financial dimensions in an Excel file. The code below solved the problem. I hope this code example can help people who are thinking of creating a simple xls report or want to see all default dimension values with transactions in one… Read more

Mask characters

Yesterday, I had a support request where the customer wanted to set a fixed number of characters for the main accounts and they did not want to specify the type of characters used – they wanted to have a possibility to enter both numeric and alphabetic characters. In the form Chart of accounts, you can… Read more

AX 2012 R2 for Retail – Setting up discount coupons with bar codes for scanning into POS

The release of R2 for AX 2012 has added 2 new fields (discount code and bar code) to the Discounts form in the Retail module.  This now gives us the ability to scan or type in a coupon/discount barcode directly into POS.  The steps below are performed on the general Discounts, but the same steps would apply for Mix… Read more

AX 2012 – Proper configuration usage is critical when you have multiple Dynamics AX 2012 environments

Hi all, Lately in support we have been getting lots of questions that tie back to configuration usage.  This can manifest itself in many different ways: Not finding an object to use as a report datasource in Visual Studio 2010 while the object shows up in the AOT. Attempting to deploy a report and it… Read more