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Sending email receipts from Retail EPOS Transactions (AX 2012)

There seems to be limited information on how the “Send email receipts” functionality works.  This blog is intended to help provide the basic information and links on how to configure and send email receipts for EPOS transactions. NOTE: For emailing MPOS receipts, see the following blog: Sending email receipts from Retail MPOS transactions To get started, you will… Read more

Troubleshooting that elusive “slowdown” in AX using Performance Analyzer 1.20 for Microsoft Dynamics

It’s 9.30am on Monday morning and you’ve just received reports of a “general slowdown” on Microsoft Dynamics AX. After probing further you find it was all over by 9:15am lasting around 15 minutes, but also happened once before and the users want action taken to prevent it happening again. There are never any guarantees when… Read more

Troubleshooting Upgrade and CU Batch jobs stuck in a waiting status in Dynamics AX 2012

There may be circumstances when you are testing a Full version upgrade, in place upgrade, or applying a Cumulative Update (CU) in Dynamics AX 2012 where the batch jobs never start and appear to be stuck in a waiting status. Normally we see problems when the Dynamics AX databases is restored to a different environment… Read more

Emailing Customer Invoices from a batch

This is an example of emailing the Sales Invoices with Print Management Settings and using a Batch Server. One of the prerequisites to email from a batch is to havean SMTP Server setup and running. This blog goes into the setup within AX, but does not cover the setup of the SMTP Server. The one… Read more

Memory usage in XppIL code

Written some X++ which seems to have high memory usage when run in IL but runs normally when not in IL? Or just noticing high memory usage in servers running IL code? Here we’re going to talk about an aspect of garbage collection in XppIL that is important for anyone writing XppIL code to take… Read more

AX for Retail: Import Logs operation fails when run in batch

As part of the process to receive a purchase order from the POS client the Import Logs operation needs to run.  When performing an Import Logs operation in batch, the process will always fail.  The reason this fails is that one of the methods attempts to update the Import Logs form, which is not present… Read more