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Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations – Things to consider when exporting data to BYOD

I’ve worked on some cases related to Data Management exports to BYOD recently and I thought I would share some observations on things you should consider when exporting data to BYOD. This blog post is not meant to serve as a comprehensive document outlining how the process works, but rather to raise awareness of the… Read more

Financial dimensions that contain the same character as used in the chart of accounts delimiter

In Dynamics 365 Operations (AX7) if a financial dimension contains the same character as the chart of accounts delimiter you may experience some instability. The Chart of Accounts delimiter is set on the general ledger parameters and once this is setup the field is greyed out. (Previously this field was located in the system parameters)… Read more

Deal with Dynamics Deployment Services [wsfed-enabled]

Issue background Sometimes when we use organization account(o365 type) to log on to LCS in order to deploy AX7 VM to Azure, we want to deploy VM to an Azure subscription which is a Microsoft account (hotmail) or live id, other than the organization account. We’ll run into below issue symptoms and cannot proceed with… Read more

Microsoft Dynamics AX – error when trying to save an invoice line or submitting a PO to workflow

Sometimes when a user tries to save an invoice line or submit a PO he gets error: ” An error occurred during update. The State of the source document or source document line could not be updated” The following query in this scenario triggers a query that access the TaxUncommited table.             select crossCompany * from… Read more

Data Management Framework: Export fails with no apparent details on the cause

In a recent issue, a customer was reporting a problem exporting data using the data management framework. The issue was that during the export they were leaving the “Skip staging” option to “Yes”, which is the default option. When the export of the entity was run, it reported that it had failed and there seemed… Read more

Microsoft Dynamics AX – Setting up Bank statement import using format MT940

Microsoft Dynamics AX Bank statement import setup for MT940 Please find in the attached document short instructions for setting up Bank statement import based on format MT940. The instructions applies to Microsoft Dynamics AX (AX7)…. Read more

Overview of Microsoft Dynamics AX build numbers

For newer versions click here -> Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations builds Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3     (Roadmap survey) Version Build Availability Download link Recent kernel build 6.3.6000.8005 06 Feb 2019 KB4489928 Cumulative Update 13 6.3.6000.149* 13 Sep 2017 KB4032175 Cumulative Update 12 6.3.5000.138* 21 Nov 2016 KB3199741 Cumulative Update 11 6.3.4000.127 29 Jun 2016 KB3157865… Read more