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Check AOS event logs and SQL Server error logs for key messages using DynamicsPerf

As part of general monitoring of Dynamics AX overall system health and/or troubleshooting, you’ll want to check the Windows event logs in your AOS server(s) and SQL Server error logs. If you have DynamicsPerf (Performance Analyzer for Microsoft Dynamics) installed, you can quickly check for key messages and if necessary, export and move them all… Read more

Using Process Monitor (also known as ProcMon) for MS Dynamics AX client troubleshooting

The purpose of this blog post is to clarify the following 2 questions in order to get you started using Process Monitor: 1) What is Process Monitor (=ProcMon)? 2) How can I see the MS Dynamics AX client activity filtered in ProcMon ? in terms of 1) Process Monitor is a troubleshooting tool which allows… Read more

Dynamics AX Table Caching: Basic Rules

This post provides some basic general guidance to get you started on setting table caching for custom tables, bearing in mind there will be exceptions. This should generally be defined at design time to avoid costly round trips to the database. As explained by Bertrand Caillet from our PFE (Premier Field Engineering) team: “This is… Read more

Troubleshooting that elusive “slowdown” in AX using Performance Analyzer 1.20 for Microsoft Dynamics

It’s 9.30am on Monday morning and you’ve just received reports of a “general slowdown” on Microsoft Dynamics AX. After probing further you find it was all over by 9:15am lasting around 15 minutes, but also happened once before and the users want action taken to prevent it happening again. There are never any guarantees when… Read more

Managing general performance issues in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Updated on 09/09/16 for DynamicsPerf v2.0. Intended for versions up to AX 2012. This post is primarily aimed at non technical readers and those responsible for coordinating or managing these issues, but with links drilling through to more in depth blogs containing further details. By ‘general performance’, I mean a set of unidentified performance issues… Read more

How to perform a data center change (change of the physical location) where a SQL server 2008 R 2 cluster installation and MS Dynamics AX 4.0 is involved?

Basically you have 3 possibilities to proceed with the physical change of the data center locations: 1) You shut down the existing servers in the old data center in a controlled manner, transport these servers physically to the new data center and start them up there in a controlled manner again. 2) You leave the… Read more

Standard sales tax (IVA) percentage increases from 21% to 22% in Italy – possible setup

Starting from October 1st 2013, in Italy the standard sales tax percentage increases from 21% to 22%  (blog written on September 30th 2013. Any possible adjournment by the government should be verified before applying the setup proposed below). Important notes: a) please refer to the fiscal law for additional details on services, goods and transaction… Read more

Overview of Microsoft Dynamics AX build numbers

For newer versions click here -> Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations builds Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3     (Roadmap survey) Version Build Availability Download link Recent kernel build 6.3.6000.6608 11 Jul 2018 KB4343775 Cumulative Update 13 6.3.6000.149* 13 Sep 2017 KB4032175 Cumulative Update 12 6.3.5000.138* 21 Nov 2016 KB3199741 Cumulative Update 11 6.3.4000.127 29 Jun 2016 KB3157865… Read more

AD Import Issue AX 2009

Issue Only a few user are returned when using the “AD Import Wizard” in AX 2009 Cause This problem occurs because some settings on the network domain are required for non-domain administrators to view all users on the domain within the Active Directory Import Wizard in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Resolution Here is one possible workaround to resolve… Read more

Installation Issues: AX 2009

ISSUE: A security error is thrown when attempting to perform an install from a shared network location when using Server 2003: “Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file.  You may not have the appropiate permissions to access the item” This occurs for both network shares \\server\share\setup.exe as well as for mapped drives V:\setup.exe… Read more