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[AX2012] [Workflow approval via email] Migrate from ACS to SAS – troubleshooting

Latest whitepaper & mobile connector downloading address – When you migrate from ACS to SAS, you only need complete below 4 tasks listed in Appendix F: Apply the 2018 update to migrate from ACS to SAS. 1 Follow the steps in Appendix A: Create a new Service Bus namespace to create a new SAS… Read more

AX for Retail: Instant Email Receipts in Enterprise POS (EPOS)

Dynamics AX For Retail Enterprise POS (EPOS) has functionality to email receipts but the implementation of the feature has a few tradeoffs: Email does not get sent immediately at the conclusion of the transaction.  Instead, the process goes like this:  1) a transaction is uploaded to HQ (via P-job); 2) it gets calculated on a… Read more

SSRS Report label shown as @SYSxxxx in AX2012

Here in this blog I will share two scenarios when this happening and basic troubleshooting steps when facing this issue. Issue: When you are rendering SSRS report, the data will load correctly, but all AX labels are not resolved: Two known causes of this: SQL Server Reporting service version does not meet AX requirement. You… Read more

Optional Additional Installation Script for Blocking Analysis with DynamicsPerf v2.0

In relation to the analysis scripts that come with DynamicsPerf (Performance Analyzer) v2.0, (based on the new extended events being used in place of the SQL profiler trace which featured in v1.20), i.e.: … —            BLOCKING_EVENTS — Blocking events sorted by TIME desc —————————————————————- SELECT TOP 100 * FROM (SELECT event_data.value(‘(event/@name)[1]’, ‘varchar(50)’) AS EVENT_NAME, DATEADD(hh, DATEDIFF(hh,… Read more

Clustered SQL Server instance – Example AX TEST environment configuration concepts and points of interest

Consider a scenario where you are running AX 2012 and your Dynamics AX databases are hosted on a Clustered SQL Server instance. I’ll discuss some concepts and points of interest below which are relevant when running AX 2012 RTM, R2 or R3. The screenshots are from a VM TEST environment with CONTOSO DEMO DATA that is… Read more

Check AOS event logs and SQL Server error logs for key messages using DynamicsPerf

As part of general monitoring of Dynamics AX overall system health and/or troubleshooting, you’ll want to check the Windows event logs in your AOS server(s) and SQL Server error logs. If you have DynamicsPerf (Performance Analyzer for Microsoft Dynamics) installed, you can quickly check for key messages and if necessary, export and move them all… Read more

Cannot select Category for condition in the purchase requisition workflow

We got a couple of issues when on the purchase requisition workflow how the [Purchase Requisition Lines.Category] is evaluated in workflow conditional statements. While we expect to see it like that: And when you clicked on Enter a value you were able to drill back and select a record from the hierarchy. While it is… Read more

Analysis scripts for Performance Analyzer v2.0

Following on from my previous blog post regarding analysis scripts for the tool Performance Analyzer v1.20*, I am now publishing the scripts that come with the latest version, 2.0. (*Previous post: Download link: After downloading and extracting the tool from the above link, you can find these scripts in the following sub-folders: ..\DynamicsPerf\DynamicsPerf… Read more

Analysis scripts for Performance Analyzer v2.0 Page 10

This is page 10 of 10 of the general performance analysis scripts online for the Performance Analyzer 2.0 tool. See page 1 for the introduction. Use the links in the table below to navigate between pages. – General analysis Analyse SQL Configuration Page 1 Analyse SQL Indexes Page 2 Analyse SQL Queries Page 3 Analyse Blocking… Read more