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AX for Retail R3 CU8 Call Center: Fix for Customizing CRT Pricing Engine

One of the main features introduced in AX for Retail R3 was the unified pricing engine in the Commerce Runtime (CRT).  The exact same code is compiled and deployed to Enterprise POS, Mobile POS / Retail Server, Online Store, and the new Call Center.  Furthermore, the source code for the entire pricing engine is included… Read more

Using X++ to add a control at runtime

Adding controls at runtime can be a powerful feature of Microsoft Dynamics AX client development. As a developer you may choose to display a control based on business logic and one way to do this can be with X++. I had a recent case where attempting this caused the Financial dimension fields to not work…. Read more

Dynamics Online Payment Services – Payment Provider Sign Ups

Microsoft Dynamics Online is a free service to link your ERP to a payment provider.  When configuring Microsoft Dynamics Online as your payment gateway, you are provided with 5 payment provider options to connect a merchant account.  These options are listed below and are the only available options to use with this solution.  If you would… Read more

AX for Retail 2012: Customizing the Comments in the Product Grid for Enterprise POS

The Product Receipt Grid in Enterprise POS (EPOS) has always shown additional lines of information under the main item line.  For instance, if you change item quantities, add an item that has a discount, or add comments to a line item, you will see lines like this in the grid: Note that the comments shown… Read more

AX for Retail 2012: Daisy-chaining Blank Operations

In a previous article I showed how easy it is to write a blank operation to add a specific item to a retail transaction: Application.RunOperation(PosisOperations.ItemSale, "0110"); It doesn’t get much simpler than that:  a single line of code. Unfortunately there is a limitation to this method:  you can only add an item with a quantity… Read more

AX for Retail 2012 R2: Using Multiple Blank Operations and Triggers

If you have done any POS development for AX for Retail you are already pretty familiar with the Blank Operation, as it is one of the primary ways to extend the product (see AX for Retail: The Blank Operation Explained for an introduction to the Blank Operation). One of the shortcomings of the Blank Operation… Read more

AX for Retail 2012 R2: Using the Extensions folder for POS Customizations

[Update:  2013-09-28]  For the Extensions folder to function properly the POS must be build 6.2.1000.1629 or higher.  Install KB 2857746 or Cumulative Update 6 to get this fix. One great feature we added in AX for Retail 2012 R2 was a nice place for developers to drop in customizations without overwriting existing services and triggers. … Read more

AX for Retail: Managing and Maintaining POS Customizations

[Update: 2013-09-26]  See new functionality in AX for Retail 2012 R2 that makes maintaining customizations a bit easier: AX for Retail 2012 R2: Using the Extensions folder for POS Customizations One of the most challenging aspects of an AX for Retail deployment that we in Support help out with is dealing with ongoing maintenance of POS… Read more

We want to hear from you! Participate in the Microsoft Dynamics AX product suggestions program

Make your opinion count! Give us your product suggestions and help to make future versions of the Microsoft Dynamics AX applications better. Use this Microsoft Connect site to submit your product suggestions for Microsoft Dynamics products. Search existing suggestions and vote on suggestions submitted by others. Your feedback counts – future versions and enhancements of… Read more

AX for Retail 2012 R2: Adding a Custom User Control to the POS

In the 2012 R2 release of AX for Retail we have added a very powerful extensibility feature for the POS application:  the ability to add a custom user control to the POS.  This article will show you how to easily create a user control and add it to the POS till layout.  Hopefully it will… Read more