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Tips for naming your Aging Period Definitions

Have you ever created your Aging Period Definitions, run the Customer aging snapshot, and do not receive any results in the Collections Grid? If so, this could be a result of the format used in the Aging Period Definition name. I have recently discovered that commas in the Aging Period Definition name are treated by… Read more

Adding a period to the Aging Period Definition and receive the error: "Unlimited can be used only in the first and last period" or "Unit must be less than 0"

Creating periods in the Aging Period Definition window can be kind of cumbersome.  Follow the steps below to create periods in the Aging Period Definition window.:   1.  Remove all of the periods that you have added. 2.  Click the Add button under Periods fast tab and enter the following      a.  Period – Current… Read more

Unable to Create Collections Agent as Team Members are Missing

In order to use the Collections Management functionalityentirely in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, you must create collection agents. Tocreate collection agents, you must assign a team member against the collectionsagent. This is done through selection of the Add team members button via theCollection agents form. If you click the Add team members button via theCollection… Read more