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What is the purpose of the Delete negative payments in the Payment Proposal form?

This blog talks about the purpose of the ‘Delete negative payments’ option in the Customer Payment proposal form. In Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, users can see this option by going to Accounts receivable > Payments > Payment journal. Click Lines, and then click Payment proposal > Create payment proposal.       This field has… Read more

Advanced Bank Reconciliation allows reconciliation of statements even without matched amounts

In Microsoft Dynamics Ax and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation, the system allows users to mark the Bank Reconciliation for a statement as reconciled even if there are no amounts  matched.   This is now documented in the link below with the following information: The bank reconciliation for a statement can be marked as reconciled at any… Read more

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations – How to delete a record in the Number sequence – Status List form

Seeing an unexpected number sequence record in the Status list form (from the Number sequence form) that you need to delete? Wondering where to find that ‘Delete’ (File>Delete record) option that used to exist in AX 2012? That option no longer exists in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. For now, you would have to… Read more

Unmarking locked transactions

When trying to apply a payment to an invoice in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations a person with a cross icon is displayed on the Settle transactions form. Typically, you could click on Inquiry> Specifications to see the transaction it is marked against. If this is blank you are not able to unmark the… Read more

Update General Electronic Reporting (GER) framework and import configurations for ISO20022 payments Reviewed 01122017

How to update General Electronic Reporting (GER) framework and import configurations for ISO20022 payments GER-and-ISO20022-Payments… Read more

Source document or Accounting distribution?

This blog will explain the purpose of the General Ledger Parameter ‘Values used for summary account’ You can choose 2 values here, either ‘Source document’ or ‘Accounting distribution’ The purpose of this parameter very shortly is that it governs which dimension should be used on a summary account. If you select ‘Source document’, the dimension… Read more

What would you love to see in Dynamics 365 for Operations? Post your idea on the Ideas Portal

We now have a Dynamics 365 Ideas Portal for you to log any new ideas for Dynamics 365 for Operations: Like Microsoft Connect, you can view other suggestions, vote for or against an idea and add comments. If you want to see what has the most votes, there is a hot tab plus there… Read more

Using Task Recorder in Dynamics 365 for Operations to report application issues

When you experience an application issue and want to report it to Microsoft support team it takes some time and effort to describe the repro steps to the engineers. What can help speed up the process is the Task Recorder. Task Recorder is a tool that can log every click and input you make in Microsoft… Read more

INDIA LOCALIZATION: TDS adjustment entry process   ***[BUSINESS PROCESS] *** Invoice posted using TDS and adjustments are common     ***[REPRO STEPS GROUP] *** Test done using INMF demo data   Prerequisite setups:   Note: All setups are as is available in INMF India demo data TDS setup General Ledger>Setup>Withholding tax>Withholding tax codes   Select record “Rent”   Click… Read more

Dynamics 365 for Operations – Import Bank Statement using BAI2 format

***[BRIEF DESCRIPTION] *** Import Bank statement for multiple bank using BAI2 format. 1. Login to Visual studio to download following files and save them in local drive: 2. Set up BAI2 bank statements format from System administration > Data management 3. Create Bank statement format from Cash and bank management > Setup > Advanced bank… Read more