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Updated BPM search and Task guide help broken

November 9th, 2017

Because of the large backlog of BPM libraries that needed re-indexing and the volume of new libraries created each day, the re-indexing process has taken longer than expected. To work around this, we have scaled the rate of re-indexing as much as possible. With this scaling, we expect that libraries created before mid-October will be successfully re-indexed by November 16, 2017. Libraries created after mid-October should be re-indexed by the following week.

If you created your library before October 15th, 2017 and Search is still not working on November 17, 2017, contact support with the library ID.

BPM Search and Task guide help broken

We’ve been investigating reports that BPM search and Task guide help are broken.

The root cause is that our task guide search indexing mechanism at times will delete some entries from an index during index maintenance. This had been known to happen very intermittently, and we had been mitigating this by re-indexing individual task guide libraries. Recently after some scale out work to improve search performance, however, this has gotten much worse.  As of last week, search against our global task guide libraries had stopped working altogether, both in the LCS client as well as from the Help pane in the web client.

We hope to have an initial fix that stops the index process from deleting entries available to deploy to LCS by early next week. In the meantime, we plan to re-index the global task guide libraries today to reenable search of those libraries.  Additionally, we are actively working on longer term fixes to avoid the indexing problems in the future.