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Source document or Accounting distribution?

This blog will explain the purpose of the General Ledger Parameter ‘Values used for summary account’ You can choose 2 values here, either ‘Source document’ or ‘Accounting distribution’ The purpose of this parameter very shortly is that it governs which dimension should be used on a summary account. If you select ‘Source document’, the dimension… Read more

What does the Maximum penny difference parameter do?

This post will describe the purpose of the General Ledger parameter ‘Maximum penny difference’. This is quite an important parameter, but its purpose is often not clearly understood. Hopefully this post will demystify it ! Suppose your company currency is EUR and you post the following journal The voucher looks as follows This is completely… Read more

What would you love to see in Dynamics 365 for Operations? Post your idea on the Ideas Portal

We now have a Dynamics 365 Ideas Portal for you to log any new ideas for Dynamics 365 for Operations: Like Microsoft Connect, you can view other suggestions, vote for or against an idea and add comments. If you want to see what has the most votes, there is a hot tab plus there… Read more

Resolving a missing reference during Package deployment

Issue: When deploying a package to UAT an error occurs: The running command stopped because the preference variable “ErrorActionPreference” or common parameter is set to Stop: Unable to resolve dependency ‘dynamicsax-dimensionsformadaptor’ Any model in a package you are deploying needs to also include all the models it references if they don’t already exist in the… Read more

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation CSS Global support incident closure procedure for support incidents involving a bug

Process: Support incidents will be archived for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations incidents involving a bug at the time bug information is available in Lifecycle Services (LCS) Example: – Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations support incident created – Support incident is researched and found a code change is required by Microsoft – Bug… Read more