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Dynamics Document Routing Agent unable to sign-in

There have been several reported cases with signing into Dynamics Printer Routing Agent.


Reported Dynamics versions Update 2, 3 and 4.

Dynamics version when signing into the DRA an error appears.


Customer has install warehouse app into their Dynamics environment.

See following link and see step 8 with in this webpage

Setting in Active Directory App ID URI needs to be set to a fictitious URI with no link to the Dynamics Environment or any of them.

Additional Steps are:

  1. Enter the sign-on URL, which is the application URL in your tenant, the root Operations URL. The sign-on URL is currently not being actively used in authenticating the warehouse app, but is a mandatory field. Enter the same URL in the App ID URI field but change it slightly so it does not represent anything of use in the Environment.
  2. Check if you are using warehouse app that your mobile apps are still working


Please note that article below may change in the future due to this problem being identified.

Author: Jason Stock – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support Engineer

Co Authors: Czeslawa Langowska Vliegen, Uwe Zimmermann – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support Escalation Engineers