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Dynamics Document Routing Agent unable to authenticate to the Print Server (Impersonated Print User)


There have been several cases in the past few months that customers and partners have been requesting how to get Dynamics 365 for Operations Document Routing Agent (DRA) to print documents and send documents to a Network user document assigned print queue, so that a user can identify them themselves at a network printer and only their print jobs will be shown on the printer.

Issue has been reported so far in Dynamics for operations version update 2, 3 and 4


DRA is assigning the service account or local account of the Server/PC that the DRA is installed on, to the document being printed. Once the document is sent to the Network Printer server queue the document has lost the name of the user printing the document and replaced by local/service server name which the printer server does not recognize and the document is deleted or does not register on the network printer for the user creating the print job.

The DRA is made by design to print documents in bulk and not to a user assigned print queue.

Official workaround:

The official workaround from the Dynamics 365 for Operations product team, is to print any document from Dynamics to a PDF format into a shared network folder. Then get the user to print PDF from that shared network folder to the print queue.

Other workaround is to output the print document to latest version of Chrome then print from Chrome by network user to print queue.

Other suggested workaround that could be offered but maybe not suitable for users and security:

  • To Assign to the Print Server, the Service/Local account name that the server/PC uses with DRA installed on (DRA changes the document assignment user name to). The Printer Server should accept this user name, but only problem faced is that the Network printer now shows everyone’s print jobs on the printer under one account and could be very hard to find each users document in the single queue.

Author: Jason Stock

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support Engineer