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Dynamics Document Routing Agent run as a service

If you want to run the DRA (Document Routing Agent) as a service, you need to:

  1. Login to the server with the account that should run the service.
  2. It should also be the account that runs the DRA App.
  1. Start the DRA App with the user and activate the printer.
  2. Mark DRA to run as a Service
  3. Start service with the same user.

(one account for all – Login to server, run service, start DRA App)

Reason for this is that the account that is running the Service needs to have the printer mapped and full access to it.

As well, the service has then the permission to pick up the print jobs from the Azure blob.

Here is the link on how to install the Document Routing Agent to enable network printer devices and how it is used.

Author: Uwe Zimmermann

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support Escalation Engineer