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AX for Retail – How to clear a stuck transaction in the MPOS cart

There have been a few instances where MPOS crashes while processing a transaction or the RTS times out saving a customer order.  In normal circumstances, this transaction persists in the cart when you log into MPOS again so that you can complete the transaction.  But it is possible that you may run into an instance where a split tender was performed with a credit card showing processed while the transaction failed to save processing the cash tender as the RTS call timed out. AX is showing this order successfully invoiced, but POS still thinks it needs a payment.  Thus the transaction will not allow you to accept a payment nor void the payment/transaction and it is stuck!

If you are simply looking to remove this transaction from the MPOS cart, follow the one of the two set of steps below.  Keep in mind that if a credit card payment has processed, this does not void that card payment and you may need to work with the provider to reverse the credit card if you run the customer card a second time on a new transaction.


1. When logging into MPOS click on the hamburger icon
2. Click Settings

3. Click Reset
NOTE: This does reset MPOS to the point of needing to reactivate.

4. Log into MPOS and the cart should be empty.


1. Close MPOS
2. Open a File Explorer
3. In the Explorer window click View >> Options >> Change folder and search option.

a. Enable the Show hidden files, folders and drives
b. Disable the Hide protected operation system files


4. Go to the file location below:
NOTE – Only one of the folders in the DOMStore will contain the file, the others will be empty
(C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Dynamics.Retail.Pos_8wekyb3d8bbwe\AC\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\DOMStore\X2XSTARI\microsoft.dynamics.retail[1]
5. Edit the microsoft.dynamics.retail[1] file in NotePad ++ (with Word Wrap enabled) or another editor
6. Search the text file for CART to locate the start of the string <item name=”CART_KEY” value =
7. To resolve this issue, you would need to update the text file to remove the transaction details of the CART. What I did was copy the value of an empty cart such as the one below over the value of a cart with an item.  Be careful as this the next line does contain the Activation information “DEVICE_ID_KEY” for MPOS, if you accidently remove this you will need to reactivate MPOS.

<item name=”CART_KEY” value=”{&quot;CartLines&quot;:[],&quot;Id&quot;:&quot;&quot;,&quot;ShippingAddress&quot;:null}” ltime=”2136110528″ htime=”30567907″ />

Spaces were only added in the text of the screenshot below to help pinpoint the CART string value.
(Click picture to enlarge)


8. Once you have this updated, save the file.
9. Log into MPOS and the cart should be empty again.

Important Note:
You will also want to review the transaction in the RETAILTRANSACTIONTABLE and other related tables in the event that this transaction was partially written. You would want to verify the values in the tables to avoid any Retail statement posting issues or orphaned posted records.