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Data Import/Export Framework “Group By” condition added

This post was written by David Cao

Importing data using the Data Import/Export Framework by default bundles records into equal groups for processing by each thread. This leads to issues like update conflicts for similar grouped records like journals, sales orders etc. The change is required to allow bundling to be based on a specified field (e.g. journal number or sales id) so that all the records pertaining to the group by reference are bundled in a single processing bundle. Moreover, this bundle should be grouped together as a single transaction based on user input. So, if there is error in one journal line, the entire journal should be aborted.

KB 3190293 (AX 2012 R3)

KB 3188135 (AX2012 R2)

These hotfixes allow user option to select group by fields for a bundling operation. The user is also allowed to specify if the bundle is to be committed as one transaction or not. Please find the screenshots below:

/Data import export framework/Setup/ (Data import/export Framework parameters)

From X++, the group by fields can be defaulted by extending the method from DMFEntityBase.getDefaultGrouByFields e.g. for journal lines the return would be [JournalId, LineNum]. User can override the methods for new or old entities.