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Retail return transactions cannot get the same cost of the original sales transactions

You may find sometimes, the retail return transactions (from EPOS or MPOS) cannot get the same cost price of the original sales. Normally, this is caused by the return statement is post in the same statement with the original sales.
Let’s use the below example.
We have an item ‘Test’ which is using moving average item model group. The default cost price maintained in the item master data is $20. The store tender Alex sell the item from POS on Dec 26 2016. Later on the same day, customer decide to return the item due to certain reasons. So, Alex make the return through POS later that day.
Then, at the end of the day posting, the sales and return transactions are post in the same statement. Let’s assume the cost of the item at the stamen posting time is $22.00. Now if you check the sales transactions, it uses $22.00 as the cost price, while the return price uses the default cost price $20.00.
Note: If there is no default cost price defined in item master data, the return cost price will be zero.
Return transaction cannot be matched with the original sales transaction.
By resolving the scenario, you can install hotfix KB 3139018. After installing the hotfix, both sales and return transactions will use the running cost. Thus, if the sales and return transactions are post in one statement, they will get the same cost price.
Note: This hotfix only works for moving average not for other item model types.