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Dynamics 365 for Operations – General Electronic Reporting (GER) and KB

Working on issues round GER – it’s a good habit to check that you are having the latest report configuration. Attached you can find out how to check the version you / or the Partner is working on. In addition, you can find in this document what to do when an issue is resolved by KB…. Read more

AX for Retail – How to clear a stuck transaction in the MPOS cart

There have been a few instances where MPOS crashes while processing a transaction or the RTS times out saving a customer order.  In normal circumstances, this transaction persists in the cart when you log into MPOS again so that you can complete the transaction.  But it is possible that you may run into an instance… Read more

Dynamics 365 for Operations – Document Routing Agent error “Key not valid for use in specific state”

If you change the login for the document routing agent, you may experience the following error: “Key not valid for use in specific state” If you do, then try the following steps to resolve the issue: Stop the Windows service “Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations – Document Routing Service” Open File Explorer, and go to… Read more

Dynamics 365 for Operations Carryout Item and Pick up item in same Customer Order

Dynamics 365 for Operations MPOS now allows cashiers to add both Carry out and Customer Order items on the same transaction. In previous versions of MPOS and EPOS, these required separate transactions for a cash and carry and one for a shipment\pick-up. To create a transaction in MPOS that contains both a Carry Out item… Read more

SQL scripts to check the MR integration

Support uses two scripts to help identify the current state of an integration and to review the integration history as well. These are useful in identifying how long the initial integration takes, knowing when the initial integration has completed, and reviewing the integration history to identify if any issues have occurred. The first script shows… Read more

Dynamics 365 for Operations – Import Bank Statement using BAI2 format

***[BRIEF DESCRIPTION] *** Import Bank statement for multiple bank using BAI2 format. 1. Login to Visual studio to download following files and save them in local drive: 2. Set up BAI2 bank statements format from System administration > Data management 3. Create Bank statement format from Cash and bank management > Setup > Advanced bank… Read more

Data Import/Export Framework “Group By” condition added

This post was written by David Cao Importing data using the Data Import/Export Framework by default bundles records into equal groups for processing by each thread. This leads to issues like update conflicts for similar grouped records like journals, sales orders etc. The change is required to allow bundling to be based on a specified… Read more

Dynamics AX – 1099 Tax Updates for 2016

Hello everyone, I thought I’d get the changes we’ve made in the 2016 tax year update posted. Supported versions: Version: AX 5.0 (Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009) Hotfix: 3199354 Hotfix server: Hotfix server: (SP1) Version: AX 6.0/6.1 (Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012) Hotfix: 3199354 LCS: Hotfix server: Version: AX 6.2 (Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012… Read more

Retail return transactions cannot get the same cost of the original sales transactions

Scenario: You may find sometimes, the retail return transactions (from EPOS or MPOS) cannot get the same cost price of the original sales. Normally, this is caused by the return statement is post in the same statement with the original sales. Let’s use the below example. We have an item ‘Test’ which is using moving… Read more

Dynamics 365 for Operations Payment Connector SDK vs AX 2012 Payment Services SDK

We have a couple blogs related to Dynamics Online Payment Services SDK for Dynamics AX 2012 that can be referenced: AX for Retail: A Better Sample for EFT plug-in (Credit Card processing) AX for Retail 2012: EFT (Credit Card Processing) Sample is Now Available Dynamics 365 for Operations offers a MasterCard and VeriFone out of the box… Read more