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CSS Global support incident closure procedure for AX2012 cases involving external hotfix release

Support case will be archived for AX2012 incidents involving a hotfix at the time bug information is available in Lifecycle Services (LCS)

AX2012 support case created
Case is researched and found a code change is required by Microsoft
Bug for a hotfix request is created
Bug is triaged and accepted, bug request is in a created state

Hotfix request information is available in LCS (at this point case is archived)
LCS link is provided for continued review of hotfix status
– Information is LCS contains status of bug
– Created (1 of 3)
– Investigating a fix (2 of 3)
– Quality Assurance (3 of 3)
– Conclusion of quality assurance results in hotfix release
– Capability for external notification of hotfix release by providing email information


Example of information which could be provided in an AX2012 hotfix support incident:

Below is a summary of the case for your records
< Scope Issue Statement>

Break/fix support incident

Indicated below is the LCS link for the hotfix request, you will be able to track the workflow of the issue in LCS:
‘indicate LCS link’

Three status values are provided in LCS for a hotfix request, after completion of Quality Assurance status a hotfix will be available for consumption.
Status values:
Created (1 of 3)
Investigating a fix (2 of 3)
Quality Assurance (3 of 3)

Subscribing to the LCS issue notification feature allows for notification when a resolution is available.
Enter one or more email addresses, separated by a comma, for notification when this bug is resolved

This hotfix request has a priority of (enter priority).

Priority 1: Only used in system down situations SLA goal is 7 days.
Priority 2: SLA goal is 14 days. Typically, this would be high impact quality reports and/or tied to a go live blocking situation.
Priority 3: SLA goal is 30 days. This is where the majority of quality reports will fall.
Priority 4: No SLA. Treated as a code defect that will likely get rolled into the next CU or major release.

Priority is decided by the Escalation Engineer based on customer impact and number of customers impacted by the issue.

URL for hotfix download:
Indicated in LCS issue notification email
– Search on the Bug Id in issue search will navigate to new site containing hotfix download link
Using the initial URL will not bring you to hotfix download as a new page is created at resolution

At this time, I will be archiving this case, a hotfix process has been enabled as a technical solution for this incident.
– If technical issues arise when attempting to implement the hotfix, please create a support situation with our development support team.
– If after implementation of the hotfix, there is still an issue.  Create a new support incident as new code has been introduced to the system.  Indicate the KB implemented and specific repro steps.

In some incidents it is determined a hotfix will not be supplied for a situation, in these instances a description will be provided indicating why the decision for no change was made

As this case is related to a product issue it will be closed as non-decrement, meaning you will not be charged for this case.

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