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Which account should I use to login to LCS?

Sometimes users have issues connecting to LifeCycle Services (LCS) (, getting error like:

Sorry but we are having trouble with signing you in
We’re receiving bad request

or something similar

Since LCS refers to several billing data hosted in PartnerSource/CustomerSource, the correct account to login to LCS is the same Microsoft Account (formerly LiveID account) that you have previously associated to your registration on PartnerSource (or CustomerSource in case you are a final customer).
NOTE: At the moment, LCS does not support yet login with the Office365 account.

The first step is to try to connect to PartnerSource (or CustomerSource) to be sure you are using the correct account.
If you cannot connect to PartnerSource, you need to contact your Administrator, the person in your organization who has the Admin role to manage account on PartnerSource, or contact IT MBS Support (
NOTE: Dynamics AX Support engineers cannot modify any data on PartnerSource; so you need to refer to the dedicated support IT MBS Support.

Once you know which is the correct account, use this account to connect to LCS

If you still have issues, please follow the steps below using the InPrivate browsing mode to avoid using browser cache.

  1. Close all browser sessions that you currently have open
  2. Open a new browser session using InPrivate mode with Internet Explorer

    or Incognito mode using Chrome.
  3. Go to
    and press the green Sign In button
    Make sure that it does not attempt to automatically sign you in at this time (using InPrivate/Incognito should prevent this)
  4. If the login page is asking you to Sign in with your Work or school account, or personal Microsoft account,
    (WRONG Login to connect to LCS)
    click on the link that says Sign in with a Microsoft account places below the “Sign In” button
  5. Sign in with the Microsoft account ID that you linked to your PartnerSource/CustomerSource contact.
    (CORRECT Login to connect to LCS )



WRONG Login to connect to LCS
(for AX 2012)  

CORRECT Login to connect to LCS
(for AX 2012)  




If it is still not working, please open a new support request from PartnerSource/CustomerSource.