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Cannot find a valid offline scope with the name ‘YourTable’ in table ‘[scope_info]’.

Credit to Brian Storie for the contribution provided. Symptom Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.DbSyncException: Cannot find a valid scope with the name ‘YourTable’ in table ‘[scope_info]’. Ensure that this scope exists and that it has a corresponding valid configuration in the configuration table ‘[scope_config]’. Cause You have created a new Offline scope, added it to the POS Offline profiles form… Read more

Inventory value report doesn’t show some inventory dimensions.

Normally, we use inventory value report to view the inventory value and quantity. Sometimes, we cannot see some inventory dimensions in the report. To make the inventory dimensions showing in the report, you need to make sure: 1) Go to USMF/Inventory management/Setup/Inventory/Inventory value reports, select the inventory value report ID which you use to view… Read more

Data Management Import Performance Issue with Cursor Fetch

I recently have a data import slowness issue reported taking days to process without finishing even in batch run in parallel.  This issue could occur with any entity import especially for new company go-living or with no data in the target entity.  The impact is exponentially worse when more data is imported, so I would like to share… Read more

Inform Microsoft about country/region regulation changes and track the status of regulatory features

You can now Inform Microsoft about country/region regulation alerts and track the status of regulatory features by using Lifecycle Services (LCS). The following article describes how to use LCS to submit alerts through the Localization and translation service. This article also explains how to track planned and released regulatory features through LCS Issue search. (Read… Read more

Resetting the Management Reporter data mart for Dynamics 365 for Operations

If you need to reset the Management Reporter data mart for Dynamics 365 for Operations, you can use the steps listed below. These steps are for a sandbox/UAT environment. If you need to reset the data mart in your production environment, contact support. To rebuild the data mart using the steps found here:  … Read more

Excel Add-in adding dimensions to a template

Importing values with dimensions and/or adding financial dimensions to ANY excel template (GL, budgeting, etc). Make sure all financial dimensions have been added to Dynamics 365 for Operations and activated. There is a status on each financial dimension that tells you if it is Active of Inactive. If any are showing Inactive after a refresh… Read more

New sales tax payment report for Norway 2017 – KB3163512

The new VAT return (mva-meldingen) is replacing the current form (omsetningsoppgave for merverdiavgift). The deadlines for submission and payment will remain unchanged. NB: All periods concerning 2016 must be reported using the current statement. The VAT return concerns transactions from 1 January 2017. The accounting of value added tax must be adapted to the new… Read more

Retail discount calculations – Performance vs Best price

With the increased usage of the number of Retail discounts associated to items coupled with the trade agreements and affiliations, the Pricing engine has seen significant performance issues attempting to process the best discount.  This performance degradation increases as more items are added to an order due to the proportionately increasing number of discounts needing to… Read more

Project Item requirement sale order line status on consumption

This post will give clarity as to why the sale order line status is Invoiced at the stage of packing slip posting itself from Item requirement   PRE-SETUP Information     Create new Project Contract USMF/Project management and accounting/Common/Projects/Project contracts Enter details as below: Project contract ID: 000187(comes automatically based on number sequence setup) Name:… Read more