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AX Content: We’re on Pinterest!

Have you ever found a Microsoft Dynamics AX diagram on TechNet or MSDN only to forget where it was later when you needed it? To help with this scenario, we’ve curated our top diagrams from our Microsoft Dynamics AX help content and pinned those diagrams to Pinterest boards.  Now, via our AX Content Pinterest boards,… Read more

AX 2012 R2 for Retail – Configuring the EFT Service in the Retail Hardware Profile with Dynamics Online Payment Services

The steps below will walk you through connecting a payment service that is already set up in Dynamics Online to your EFT Service in the Retail Hardware Profile.  These steps would need to be followed for each new hardware profile that is configured for each store that has a different payment service.  If you have… Read more

Dynamics Ax 2012 R2 – How to choose location of export for excel from RDP session

In some cases you may have issues exporting to client excel applications that are running the 32-bit version of Excel when operating the Dynamics Ax 2012 application from an RDP session.  To correct this issue, you can force the export to excel functionality to open the excel application located on the RDP by completing the… Read more

AX Content: Select invoices to pay

Pay bills! It’s one of the most important financial functions for an organization. A solid vendor payment process helps you stay on good terms with your vendors, while making the best use of your organization’s cash. In this post, we’ll look at three ways to select invoices to pay in Microsoft Dynamics AX. The three… Read more

Updating index fields while fetching data from the table using the same index can result in the same row being fetched twice in X++

Conclusion:There are situations where updating index fields while fetching data from the table using the same index can result in the same row being fetched twice. Recommendation here is to avoid updating index fields while selecting records using the same index.  For example: 1)Consider following “GM_Real_Test” table and the highlighted index: 2)Run following code to… Read more

AX for Retail 2012: Daisy-chaining Blank Operations

In a previous article I showed how easy it is to write a blank operation to add a specific item to a retail transaction: Application.RunOperation(PosisOperations.ItemSale, "0110"); It doesn’t get much simpler than that:  a single line of code. Unfortunately there is a limitation to this method:  you can only add an item with a quantity… Read more

Invitation to EMEA webinar – How to setup SEPA in Dynamics AX 2012 and an overview of published hotfixes

SEPA: How to setup SEPA in Dynamics AX 2012 and an overview of published hotfixes31.10.2013   Why attend? In this webinar, you can expect to hear about Single European Payments Area (SEPA) and Dynamics AX. You will get an overview of SEPA related published hotfixes and which hotfixes to install. You will see a demonstration… Read more

AX Content: Configure email functionality in Dynamics AX

You can configure Microsoft Dynamics AX to automatically send email notifications to users when specific events occur. For example, Dynamics AX can send email notifications to users when documents are assigned to them for approval (as defined by a workflow), or when sales orders are canceled (as defined by an alert rule). To configure email… Read more

Issue with number sequence after upgrade to AX2012 R2 in place.

When you have a number sequence that is set to continuous and the number that pulls into the form is 000000 and is not a valid number. This is caused by the Stored Procedure not getting updated when the R2 in place upgrade process is complete.  We suspect that this problem may be due to… Read more

Code example: how to export transactions with default dimensions to Excel

We recently had a support request where customer wanted to see all fixed asset transactions with financial dimensions in an Excel file. The code below solved the problem. I hope this code example can help people who are thinking of creating a simple xls report or want to see all default dimension values with transactions in one… Read more