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Changes have been made to combination "" since the combination was last used -The combination must be re-validated to be used.

If you run into an error message ‘Changes have been made to combination “” since the combination was last used – The combination must be re-validated to be used’ or “Account Structure ” “, for the combinationis not valid for chart of accounts ” “



try to check the following


1. Go to DataDictionary\Tables\DimensionAttributeValueCombination

2. Try to find the account mentioned in the error log, in this case ‘211100–‘ as stored in the ‘DisplayValue’ field. Take a note of the field ‘AccountStructure’ and do a lookup and you can see that the account structure associated is ‘5637144865 DEPT’

3. Take a note of this accountructure name and the issued chart of account in the error message. The same can be seen by going to GeneralLedger\Setup\Ledger and noting the linked Chart of account. Here ‘Corporate Main Account (Shared)



Notice if these accountstructures are the same as identified in the table ‘DimensionAttributeValueCombination’ eg. we search for account ‘211100’ and notice that the account structures linked here is ‘Account Structure’ as the ‘211100’ is a balance account


However, what we saw in the table ‘DimensionAttributeValueCombination’ the link in this table(DimensionAttributeValueCombination) is to the account structure was ‘DEPT’. This is out of sync with the one defined for the chart of accounts,
hence why are getting the error. The solution is therefor to change the linked accountstructure in  ‘DimensionAttributeValueCombination’ from ‘DEPT’ to ‘Account Structure’ as defined in the Chart of account setup and the posting can go through


Try to see now if the posting is possible


Note, if you are unsure of which record to locate in the DimensionAttributeValueCombination table note that the link to this table is done by the value parsed from (table) GeneralJournalAccountEntry.LedgerDimension.  You can put in a breakpoint on Class\LedgerVoucherTransObjectCheck\Check around line 111 or insert a temporary print screen statement as on the screenshot below. Take a note of the RecID issued and then search for this in the DimensionAttributeValueCombination table- you should see the posting and offset account references being printed