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How to copy a budget to a new budget in AX 2012 using Excel Add-in

In this blog I will summarize which options user has when he wants to copy old budget into a new budget using the Excel Add-in functionality. I will be focused only on Excel part, so if you need to establish the connection between AX 2012 and Excel, please use following links:   Editing Budgets with… Read more

Calling the FinancialDimensionValidation Service in AX 2012

I had a request on a separate article to provide an example of how to call the FinancialDimensionValidationService.  The code below works on the demo data.  Enjoy! FinancialDimensionValidationServiceClient client = new FinancialDimensionValidationServiceClient(); CallContext context = new CallContext(); context.Company = “ceu”;   LedgerAccountContract lac = new LedgerAccountContract(); lac.parmMainAccount = “110110”;   DimensionAttributeValueContract avc = new DimensionAttributeValueContract();… Read more

You may run into a problem when you can only deploy reports when you are a Domain Admin in AX 2012

Recently we have seen a few issues where users can only deploy reports for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 if you are a domain admin. This is the scenario; you have a user trying to deploy reports using the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Management Utility, you get an error saying you need to be a member of… Read more

"Parameter is missing a value" error running a customized report in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

A Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 report with a new parameter added to the contract may fail with the following error: The ‘ParameterName’ parameter is missing a value For example: The ‘SalesPackingSlipHeaderDS_FromDate’ parameter is missing a value   This error is thrown because no value is provided for the parameter in the contract while it is… Read more

AX2012 Upgrades – Setting a clean AX2012 database to start with the upgrade check-list and not the Initialization check-list.

As some of you who work on AX 2012 Upgrades may already know, you need to select the AOS along with the Database option in the AX setup to get the “Register this database for Upgrade” option. However, if you already have an AOS service installed and want to setup a new database for an… Read more

Budget entries import in AX2012

In AX 2012 Budget entries can be inserted using the Office Add-ins. This functionality is helpful also to copy an existing budget into a new one, since the “copy-budget” functionality, avaialble in AX2009, is no more available in AX2012 due to the major re-design of the budget module and functionalities.   Below, all the steps… Read more

Shipping Carrier Interface implementation Ax2012

Implementation Steps: 1)     Have an environment setup with AX 2012 2)     Go to Start | All Programs | Microsoft SQLServer XXX | SQL Server Management Studio 3)     Click on Connect 4)     Run the following scripts CreateShipCarrierRole_20120518-194832-194832_2.txt MaintainShipCarrierRol_20120518-194832_194832_1.txt 5)     Click on the Plus sign next toMicrosoftDynamicsAX | Progammability | Stored Procedures 6)     Find the stored procedure calleddbo.MaintainShipCarrierRole 7)     Right-click and select Execute Stored Procedure… Read more

Preliminary Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 content now on TechNet and MSDN!

We’ve posted preliminary Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 content on TechNet and MSDN. The New, Changed, and Deprecated Features guide has been updated to include R2 features. The guide contains new features for 2012, the 2012 Feature Pack, and 2012 R2, so to find the latest information, you need to search for R2. At general… Read more

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 client crashes while posting intercompany invoice

Sometimes it can happen that Microsoft Dynamics AX client will crash while posting intercompany invoice. The crash happened when WPF post a message within a window proc. The root cause is way too many window messages (over default limit of 10000) are posted while the system is busy.   Immediate actionable work around for customer… Read more

Using labels to find features in AX

A common scenario when doing support for AX is that you do not have access to the same information or environment as the support requestor so you can not replicate the issue. Often, you might for example only receive a screenshot of a screen or the name of a feature node that you do not immediately recognize… Read more