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Can’t see Purchase Orders in Dynamics AX 2012 POS

While testing the Picking and Receiving feature in POS for a demo, the Purchase Order that I had created in Dynamics AX 2012 does not display in POS.

I have created a Purchase Order line using the Site and Warehouse for my store.


When I log into POS and click on Picking and Receiving, the PO does not show up in the Picking\Receiving window.


What I have found is that in Dynamics AX, the Purchase Order does not have the Site and Warehouse set in the Header.  I have a blank Site and Warehouse because I do not have a default set on my Vendor.  POS looks for the Site and Warehouse in the Header of the PO. 

Once the Site and Warehouse is set onthe PO header, I can now see the PO in POS.