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Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal what to do when WebPart "disappear" from site

Sometimes we are getting the questions that one of WebParts suddenly disappear from the page for all users or that page suddenly become to perform very badly.

The issue usually is the same, there is the WebPart which is still on the site but is closed. To examine all WebParts which are on the page we can add parameter contents=1 (ie. http://servername:port/sites/DynamicsAX/Enterprise%20Portal/EPDefaultRoleCenter.aspx?contents=1) then we will move to Web Part Page Maintenance. The parameter contents=1 works for SharePoint 2007 (WSS 3.0) as well for SharePoint 2010. On the Web Part Page Maintenance you can see if Web Part is on the page and if it is open:

On above picture you can see that one of the Web Parts (AxUnifiedWorkListWebPart) is not open on the page. That would mean that this web part is still the but is not visible for users. How the Web Parts get closed? When you select Close from Web Part menu:

If you really want to remove Web Part from page you should use Delete instead of Close.

We have to remember that even those Web Part is not visible the code behind this Web Part is executed. If on the page you have closed web part AxRsReportWebPart then the report will be still run which can result that you page will be loading slower.

From Web Part Page Maintenance you can delete all the web parts which you do not need on the page. If can also help when page is raising the error and the error is raised by one of the WebPart, then this Web Part could be removed from Web Part Page Maintenance and then page should work again.

To reopen web part on SharePoint 2007 (WSS 30)

1. Go to Site Actions > Edit page

2. Click on “Add a Web Part

3. Click on link “Advanced Web part gallery and options”

4. Select “Closed Web Parts”


To reopen web part on SharePoint 2010:

1. Go to Site Actions > Edit page

2. Click “Add a Web Part”

3. In “Categories list” in the end you will fine “Close Web Parts”


Sometimes the users who have contributors privileges can close Web Part not knowing that the change will be done only for them but also for all users. Then it could be useful to review the privileges of users and the member of Contributors group. The other option can be also to disable Closing for Web Part itself. In Advanced properties you can just disable Allow Close :