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AX for Retail 2012 R2: Troubleshooting the Real-time Service

This is a follow-up from my previous post AX for Retail 2012 R2: Installing the Real-time Service and should give you some tips if you run into problems installing and configuring the Real-time Service.  Before getting into those tips, I want to go through the configuration of logging, as that will be necessary for your… Read more

Dynamics AX 2009 for Retail – Setting up a customer membership discount and how the discount fields correlate to the final price.

Have you ever set up or wondered about setting up a customer membership discount and wondered why there are 3 discount fields?  In this blog I will show you how to set up a basic membership discount using a customer price group We will need to set up a Customer price/discount group first and then… Read more

Dynamics AX 2012 for Retail – Disabling POS terminals that are no longer used

There may be a need at some point where POS terminals are either not used during a season or decommissioned indefinitely.  In the instance where you would need to remove a terminal, we do not recommend deleting this terminal from AX Retail Headquarters.  Below are two easy to implement recommendations for decommissioning POS terminals. AX… Read more

Inventory closing differences between AX4.0 and AX2012 using weighted average costing method

When customers migrate from AX4.0 to AX2012, using weighted average as their costing method, and run inventory closing, they may notice differences in settlements between the two systems even though they use exactly the same data. This is due to the differences in the method used between the two systems to calculate the settlements. AX4.0… Read more

Upgrading from AX 2012 / AX 2012 Feature Pack to AX 2012 R2

The new upgrade guide has been released at and has very detailed steps on performing an in-place upgrade of AX 2012/AX 2012 FP to AX 2012 R2. Download a copy and ensure it is dated December 2012.   It talks about all the steps you need to take, starting from creating a test system first… Read more

Dynamics AX 2012: A common misconception about Commodity Codes

Introduction Commodity codes is one of the many areas in which functionality has changed a bit compared to earlier versions of Dynamics AX. As such, it is only natural that some questions and doubts arise. The purpose of this blog article is to shed some light on some of the changes to this functionality that we… Read more

Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 and country/region settings

In AX2012, the country/region context has replaced the country configuration keys.In earlier version of AX configuration keys had to be enabled manually and they were installation wide. If the installation included legal entities from multiple countries or regions they all were affected by the configuration keys settings.The new country/region context framework uses the primary address… Read more

Impact Analysis tool encounters error ‘An unexpected exception occurred during Setup’

Workaround: – Will need to replace the axsetupsp.exe file of the hotfix installation files which is encountering this issue – Download hotfix KB2786562      – Copy the axsetupsp.exe file from KB2786562, support folder      – Replace the axsetupsp.exe file from the hotfix which is receiving the error, rerun the Impact Analysis tool… Read more

When creating a view receiving an error indicating not authorized to access table.

Example of issue: 1. Create a view that joins 2 related tables.  I used CustTable as root table, and custTrans as related table.2. Do not add any fields to the view.3. Right click on the view and select open. Actual:You receive an error message that says “You are not authorized to access table ‘custTable’ (custTable)…. Read more