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Dynamics AX 2012 Office Add-ins and Office 2007

Hi all, We recently discovered that the requirements for our Dynamics AX 2012 Office Add-ins to be able to work with Office 2007 Service Pack 2 may not be quite correct.  You actually need a hotfix to make Office 2007 Service Pack 2 work correctly with the Dynamics AX 2012 Office Add-ins.  You can download… Read more

Dynamics AX 2009 Cost Accounting White papers

Hi, I’m Tracy Taylor, I’m a content publishing manager focused on Dynamics AX Supply Chain Management content. If you are looking for help with inventory close and reconciliation, please check out these Dynamics  AX 2009 Cost Accounting white papers. The white papers address issues with costing methods, standard cost conversion, inventory close and reconciliation. They are all… Read more

Employee Services Site for AX 2012

We have received questions regarding the Employee Services site for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and where it is located. On prior versions you would see the Employee Services site listed on the main Enterprise Portal page if you had the appropriate permissions.  On Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, this has been split out to have its… Read more

Debugging Fact Boxes and their Preview dialogs

With all of the new concepts introduced into Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, there are a number of areas where new techniques for debugging are required. Watch the blog for similar entries in the future and feel free to let me know what kind of AX 2012 debugging topics would be of interest to the community…. Read more

Calling the LedgerGeneralJournal Service in AX 2012

Below is an example of how to call the create operation on the GeneralJournalService in AX 2012.  My apologies for the way the code below is formatted!  This editor is clearly not made for code snippets. GeneralJournalServiceClient client = new GeneralJournalServiceClient(); CallContext context = new CallContext(); context.Company =  “ceu”;   AxdLedgerGeneralJournal journal = new AxdLedgerGeneralJournal();… Read more

IL Compiles Explained

I’ve been asked several times what a Full or Incremental ILCompile is in AX 2012.  If you have that same question here is somebackground information.  IL stands for Intermediate Language it is shortfor CIL – Common Intermediate Language.  When you write code in VisualStudio (VS) you can write in many different languages, Visual Basic, C#,… Read more

Moving between Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Environments

Moving between Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Environments SUMMARY It is common practice to restore a Microsoft Dynamics AX database from one environment into another environment for testing and development purposes.  In most cases, this is not a problem but there are circumstances that need to be considered to get the restored databasefunctioning.  The scope of… Read more

Compile and CIL Generation errors when reporting extensions is not installed.

Under certain circumstances, you may receive the followingcompile or CIL generation errors when installing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. SysStartupCmdGenerateSsasProject (object) has no validrunable code in method ‘buildProject’. BIGenerator (object) has no valid runable code in method‘classDeclaration’. BIAnalysisServicesProjectController (object) has no validrunable code in method ‘buildProject’. These methods are related to the Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Framework.Analytics.DLL and is installed… Read more

Two voucher posting strategy for Purchase Distributions

We have had questions recently regarding the two voucherposting strategy for purchase distributions.  You may be seeing additionalpurchase order posting distributions as well as entries for the PO postingtypes Purchase expenditure, un-invoice and Purchase expenditure forproduct receipt.   Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 introduces the ability to havenon-stocked purchases.  In order to allow for non-stocked purchases… Read more