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Updates in CRM Connector

In Connector it is possible to pick up updates to synchronized entries.  This is the scenario…  In AX you enter a sales order with one line and the sales order is synchronized to CRM by the Connector.  In AX if you change the quantity on the sales line or add a second line to the sales order how do… Read more

Content news: October

Hi everyone, Updated and new content for Microsoft Dynamics AX has been posted to TechNet and MSDN. We have published many new topics again this month. The following table contains links to each group of topics within the post.  Audience Approximate number of topics published Security role reference 88 System Administrator topics 35 Application User… Read more

Creating Financial Dimension Combinations in AX 2012

In AX 2012 there are a couple of different ways you can programmatically create combinations of dimensions.  These combinations are saved as records in the DimensionAttributeValueCombination table.  The RecId from the DimensionAttributeValueCombination table is what is saved in the LedgerDimension field on the LedgerJournalTrans table. The first and best way to create dimension combinations is to use the class and method… Read more

Tracing in CRM Connector

CRM Connector for AX is a tool that lets you synchronize data between AX and CRM environments.  For example, you can move customers or contacts from AX to CRM and vice versa.  Connector uses the web services from AX and CRM to move the data around.  Depending on the error you are getting there are different… Read more

Importing Customers, Vendors and Products in AX 2012

People are starting to get into 2012 and I couldn’t be happier about it!!  There is a lot of interest in services so I decided to write a couple different simple examples of how to call document services in AX.  I apologize for the formatting of code in this text editor, I promise when I… Read more

Financial Journal Dimension Table Relations on AX 2012

The view DimensionAttributeLevelValueView gives you the individual segments entered in a journal including the main account and each of the selected financial dimensions.  There is a record created in the view for each segment of the transaction.  For example, if you create a payment journal and enter the vendor and two financial dimensions under the… Read more

New and updated white papers published

Since our last content announcement, we’ve published the Report programming model and Testing best practices white papers. We’ve also published an updated version of the white paper Implementing the address book framework. The white paper has been updated to include sections that describe how to create anew party role, how to update code related to… Read more

AX 2012: AxUtil genlicense fails with the serial number specificed in the ISV license is invalid

We’ve recently released a new hotfix for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, relating to the genlicense command for axutil that ISVs will use to generate licenses for their solutions. The issue was that certain customer serial numbers containing alpha characters may cause the license generation process to fail with the error: “the serial number specificed in… Read more