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Calling the find method on an AIF web service

The find method on an AIF service is used to retrieve a single record using one or more fields to base your query on.  It is slightly different from the Read action because the Read action returns a record but it requires the primary key be used in the query criteria for the record.  Here is a method that sets up the criteria for a find of a sales order using the SalesId field:

private static QueryCriteria createQueryCriteria(string salesIdValue)


CriteriaElement[] criteriaElements = new CriteriaElement[1];

criteriaElements[0] = new CriteriaElement();

criteriaElements[0].DataSourceName = “SalesTable”;

criteriaElements[0].FieldName = “SalesId”;

criteriaElements[0].Value1 = salesIdValue;

QueryCriteria queryCriteria = new QueryCriteria();

queryCriteria.CriteriaElement = criteriaElements;

return queryCriteria;


Then use the queryCriteria object in your call to the find method:

foundSalesOrder = proxy.find(this