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How to Use ADPlus for AOS Crashes

When you experience an AOS crash it is difficult to know what tool to use to determine what is happening.  One tool that we use in support is adPlus as it gathers information about what was happening in memory at the time of an AOS crash.  This tool takes the memory of the AOS (ax32serv.exe)… Read more

Getting message "An item with the same key has already been added" when creating an SSRS report

This error is caused by having fields with the same name in the query the report is built upon.  To rectify the issue, in AX go to the query you created and identify the fields that are duplicated between the datasources in the query.  On the Fields node of each data source set the Dynamic… Read more

Slow performance in the "Arrival overview" dialog box when you set the setup name to "Return order" in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.

There was a hotfix released  for a performance issue with the Arrival Overview form.  However some people may still experience performance issues  when going to Inventory Management  > Periodic > Arrival Overview and changing the setup name to return order.  This has been seen when you have a lot of backorders.  To resolve this you… Read more