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Export Reports to Excel using Management Reporter in D365 for Operation.

You can export many thousand lines to Excel from MR reports. In this way we do not hit the design limitation in Dynamics 365 for Operation when we export 2000 lines. For illustrational purposes, the default report Ledger transaction list will be used. The report is generated for period 12, base year 2014. It is… Read more

Using Task Recorder in Dynamics 365 for Operations to report application issues

When you experience an application issue and want to report it to Microsoft support team it takes some time and effort to describe the repro steps to the engineers. What can help speed up the process is the Task Recorder. Task Recorder is a tool that can log every click and input you make in Microsoft… Read more

How to use inventory value report: part 4

In this part, we will discuss how to use inventory value report to do inventory reconciliation. Firstly, let’s imagine a company who has two item groups: Bike and Accessory. The inventory GL account for Bike is 140100. The inventory GL account for Accessory is 140200. Then we have a total GL inventory account 149999. In… Read more

How to use inventory value report: part 3

In this part, we will discuss the columns’ meaning showing in the inventory value report after you create the inventory value report ID. For how to set up the inventory value report ID, please click here. In AX, there are two import conceptions, financial updated and physical updated. Financial updated means the inventory transactions are… Read more

How to use inventory value report: part1

  Inventory value report was released from AX 2009 SP1. It’s a very powerful report. Most of the users uses this report to do reconciliation between general ledger and inventory. In this article, we will discuss how to use this report to do the reconciliation between general ledger and inventory. When we try to view… Read more

Credit memo functionality on Dynamics 365 MPOS

Credit memo functionality on Dynamics 365 MPOS Steps (please find the document with screenshots attached credit-memo-functionality-on-dynamics-365-mpos). 1.Set up Payment method with the Operation name ‘Pay credit memo’ and associate appropriate Posting accounts in it Retail and commerce/Channels/Retail stores/All retail stores/select the store HOUSTON/Tab Set up/Payment methods/in our case it is called Voucher: 2.Issue Credit Memo… Read more

How to use inventory value report: part 2

In this part, we will discuss the most import parameter: inventory value report ID. You can go to Inventory management/Setup/Costing/inventory value reports to create IDs. (In AX 2009, the menu path is Inventory management/Setup/inventory value). You can create different IDs for different reporting requirement. For example, you can create the report only showing the total… Read more

INDIA LOCALIZATION: TDS adjustment entry process   ***[BUSINESS PROCESS] *** Invoice posted using TDS and adjustments are common     ***[REPRO STEPS GROUP] *** Test done using INMF demo data   Prerequisite setups:   Note: All setups are as is available in INMF India demo data TDS setup General Ledger>Setup>Withholding tax>Withholding tax codes   Select record “Rent”   Click… Read more

Dynamics 365 for Operations – General Electronic Reporting (GER) and KB

Working on issues round GER – it’s a good habit to check that you are having the latest report configuration. Attached you can find out how to check the version you / or the Partner is working on. In addition, you can find in this document what to do when an issue is resolved by KB…. Read more

AX for Retail – How to clear a stuck transaction in the MPOS cart

There have been a few instances where MPOS crashes while processing a transaction or the RTS times out saving a customer order.  In normal circumstances, this transaction persists in the cart when you log into MPOS again so that you can complete the transaction.  But it is possible that you may run into an instance… Read more