AX Retail: Create a test site using ecommerce checkout controls

In Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU8 we released checkout controls. In order to create and browse test website using these integrated controls please follow these steps:

Go to Demo VM

  • Go to “my documents” and then open folder “retail SDK CU8”
  • Open solution file located at “\Online Channel\Clients\Web\Storefront\ Web.Storefront.sln” in VS 2013
  • Create strong name key named as “strongnamekey.snk” and place it adjacent to bldver.cs file
  • Compile your project and publish it to a folder
  • Grab that published folder and create new website in IIS in demo machine
  • Make sure app-pool account is “contoso\administrator”
  • Now go to the folder where site is running and open commerceruntime.config and change defaultOperatingUnitNumber value to 068

  <storage defaultOperatingUnitNumber="068" />

  • Open web.config and change database connection string

   <add name="CommerceRuntimeConnectionString" connectionString="Server=localhost;Database=RetailContosoStore;Trusted_Connection=Yes"/>

  • Same web.config replace section below with <<Put correct strong name key you created above>>

<section name="ecommerceControls" type="Microsoft.Dynamics.Retail.Ecommerce.Sdk.Controls.ControlsSection,Microsoft.Dynamics.Retail.Ecommerce.Sdk.Controls, Version=,
Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=fd6b8d0172171ea7, processorArchitecture=MSIL"/>

  • Open browser and browse to new website just created.


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