Microsoft Dynamics AX Intelligent Data Management Framework 2.0 released

We are happy to announce release of "Microsoft Dynamics AX Intelligent Data Management Framework 2.0" tool.

The Microsoft Dynamics AX Intelligent Data Management Framework (IDMF) lets system administrators optimize the performance of Microsoft Dynamics AX installations. IDMF assesses
the health of the Microsoft Dynamics AX application, analyzes current usage patterns, and helps reduce database size.


Supported products:

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 and R3 CU8

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009


Download link:


Document link:



New update released on LCS version (dated April 29th 2015)



Issues Description


During IDMF Post install step - check MSDTC enabled failing -

  Package Error: CheckMSDTCEnabled" - Failed to acquire connection

  "ProductionDB" - Error Code 0x8004D00E

This issue happens when there are two versions of SQL Server components installed for eg.11.0 and 12.0. But IDMF is having the SQL Server Integration services 11.0 only.

 During the PostInstallation tasks the application will try to execute the SSIS packages using the Microsoft.SqlServer.ManagedDTS(12.0) dll, which is creating the problem as SQL Server Integration services 12.0 is not present on this machine.


The changes in the hotfix ensures to check which version of SSIS is installed in the machine and load the dll of that particular version to execute the SSIS package.

 The fix will now load the versions of SSIS supported by IDMF from the config file and will check which version of MsDtsServer is installed in the machine through registry. Then it will load only the dll corresponding to the version installed in Registry


 Issues with Purging using IDMF
  2.0 - Exception while executing PurgeStep 'Delete' for node 1 - Could not load file or assembly

The issues was due to incorrect version number mentioned for the dlls in the file GlobalAssemblyInfo.cs, which resulted in the build dlls not getting the version, which is creating the problem.


The dlls pointing in the App.config are of version, but the dlls generated during dll build were of version

 The changes in the hotfix to have the correct version at all places i.e



Comments (38)
  1. Ivan Cole says:

    Can you give a date when R3 will be supported?  

    Thank you.


  2. R3 will be coming mid September. We will update this blog as soon as it is released.

  3. marappan.s says:

    Is that IDMF 2.0 Beta version or final version?

  4. Final version – RTM

  5. Rich says:

    Does IDMF 2.0 purge/archive inventrans, inventdim, and inventsum?

  6. Henrik Jaeger says:

    Do you have a revised ETA for the R3 compatible release?

  7. R3 is coming by 10th Oct.

  8. Martin Halberg says:

    Any update on release data?

  9. It's released on Oct 10th

  10. tmac says:

    Does the new 2.0 release still support AX 2009?  If not, how can I get the previous release?

  11. It does support AX 2009. While installing IDMF please select Dynamics AX 2009

  12. Marappan.s says:

    IDMF will it support purge based on the financial year closed?

    Can we change the purge parameter at runtime?

  13. Marappan.S says:

    Hi guys can please tell me the use of replica database?

  14. Replica database is used for jobs like Analysis snapshot and reduces lot of read calls to production system.

  15. Regarding purge based on financial year, we don't support today. Which entities you are planning to purge based on financial year closed?

  16. Marappan.S says:

    Thanks Piyush for the information. Answer to other question Yes Purge should be done based on the  closed financial year.

    One more question Can we change the purge parameter at runtime? for eg i gave SalesTable createdDate as <= 15-01-2014 first time purge. On a next run i just need to change the date at runtime as <=15-02-2014.

  17. Once template is created, you can schedule jobs based on different dates.

    If you are talking about recurring job, you can define date as today – n days. Please let me know if you are talking about different scenario.

  18. Marappan.S says:

    Thanks Piyush. I have question on recurrence of the Purge Template, How we can pass the Date parameter value dynamically.

  19. Juan says:

    What is the utility of AXSummationProject62 project? I expected with this Project I can archive / purge general journal transactions and inventory transactions making a summation records, but I don't find anywhere any documentation about this.

    Please can you help me? Thanks!

  20. @Marappan.S: When you schedule purge job it will ask for date. While creation of template please leave the date as disabled field.

  21. @Juan: Yes you are correct, AXSummationProject62 has logic to do summation for bifiscal period template. This code is internally used by IDMF and not intended to be changed by customers/partners.

  22. Juan says:

    Where can I find bifiscal period template on IDMF? I don't see it. And do you you have any documentation about the procedure of this template? Many thanks!

  23. Marappan.S says:

    Thanks Piyush, Does any one used Archive Templates? if yes can we use IDMF Pre defined templetes?

  24. @Marappan, archive templates are built using standard AX. Please update and validate templates based on your customizations before running them.

  25. @Juan to enable BFP, please go to:

    IDMF install location:

    %systemdrive%Program FilesMicrosoft Dynamics AX Intelligent Data Management FrameworkAXDataManagementTool.exe.config

    And set value of "ShowByFiscalTemplate" as true and restart IDMF console.

  26. Juan says:

    Great!! It works ok. Many thanks for your help.

  27. Marappan.S says:

    Hi Piyush, Thanks for your help.

    How to identify the list of tables needs to be archived.? if suppose my retention period is y years old.

    is there any Table property to check? and one more question I believe we have replicate Master tables both Prod DB and Archive DB (Ex. CustTable, ProjTable) .

    Thanks in Advance,


  28. Patrick says:

    I installed IDMF for our AX2012 R2 system successfully – and archived a custom table with over 100kk records successfully (with scheduled task running every day) – everythink works fine!

    but …

    i am not able to set up a AOS service to connect to the archive database – Error message is "database is no modelstore database" – can anyone help me with this error?

  29. Juan says:

    Hi Patrick,

    In my case I replicated the Production:model DB to a new DB named IDMF_model, and now the AOS is live and running. Ax 2012 AOS search for a database with the same name as data DB ended with "_model" for the model store DB.

    Hope this help you.

  30. Bhanu Pratap Singh says:

    we are in the process to upgrade ax 2009 to ax 2012R3, earlier we have archived data from ax 2009 and now we wants to retrieve that data back so complete data can be upgrade , I have installed IDMF and connected to old Archived database but not able to find archived template. could any one guide us how to move forward.

    Thanks in advance

  31. BPSingh112 says:

    we are in the process to upgrade ax 2009 to ax 2012R3, earlier we have archived data from ax 2009 and now we wants to retrieve that data back so complete data can be upgrade , I have installed IDMF and connected to old Archived database but not able to find archived template. could any one guide us how to move forward.

    Thanks in advance

  32. alex xiong says:

    @agrawalpiyush we are now try to use IDMF 2.0 for AX2009 data archive. Everything is ok, but except the InventTrans, LedgerTrans table. It is not allow us to archive. According to your previous post, we found the AxSummationProject50 project in DAX 2009. And we believe the hidden function fiscal template function can help us to do archive for the 2 tables. So we try to update the config file with set ShowByFiscalTemplate = true. But we cannot find any parameter named ShowByFiscalTemplate in the config file.

    Do you have any suggestion for it? Do you think what's the best way to archive data for Inventtrans and LedgerTrans table in DAX 2009?

    It is very helpful to us to have you feedback.


  33. Hello Alex, make sure you are looking in right config file and IDMF version is 2.0+.

    %systemdrive%Program FilesMicrosoft Dynamics AX Intelligent Data Management FrameworkAXDataManagementTool.exe.config

  34. @BPSingh112, please use restore functionality to restore data back from archive.

  35. Sri says:

    How can i modify / delete pending and on hold schedules ?

  36. Lakshmi says:


    How to create purge template for framework table(like AIF Documentlog,AIF Resource,EventCud,Eventinbox…)

  37. Neil Barter says:

    Hi, please could anyone tell me if the IDMF continues to use the AOS when it is analyzing / monitoring the replica database, or does it not need the AOS for anything more than the initial installation and ongoing synchronisation tasks?


  38. alex xiong says:

    @agrawalpiyush, just find the menu under the tool bar -> configure -> archive template – > by fiscal year. Thanks.

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