Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Data Import/Export Framework (Old name – Data Migration Framework) is now available on Information source

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Data Import/Export Framework



Link :-


Some of the key features -

  • 70  Entities out of the box ( 40+ new entities added) - Master Data, Reference Data, Journals, etc
  • Support for creating custom entities using Custom entity creation wizard.
  • Support for AX 2012 RTM, R1 and R2.
  • Support for SQL 2008 and SQL 2012
  • Import Entity data from multiple sources - Flat File:-Delimited and Fixed Width, ODBC :– external data bases, Excel, etc.
  • Export Entity data from AX 2012 to - Other AX 2012 environments, Flat File
  • Copy Entity data across Legal entities
  • Entity types – Entity, composite entity and flat table.
  • Mapper control
  • Parallel execution support from staging to target using Task Bundling
  • Folder as input for running periodic import  - with  functionality to move files to different folders (In Process, Error and Completed)
  • Error handling - skipping error rows, etc.
  • Set based support for staging to target
  • Default value Support
  • Number sequence Support
  • External Key mapping Support
  • Source to Target in single step
  • Multiple AOS support
Comments (55)

  1. Data Import/Export Framework parameters says:

    Hi Mittal,

    In this DMF version have parameters in Setup. After you validate file of share, you can use this.

    the video in information source shows previous version. is there any video for the new version?

    i have an error like this. "Assembly containing type Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.DMF.DriverHelper.DMFOdbcDriver is not referenced."

    is there any solution for this error?

  2. Data Import/Export Framework Object - Номенклатуры says:

    Добрый день!

    Вопрос по поводу объекта «Номенклатуры». При попытке использовать его в таком виде, какой он есть, в InventTable создается запись со значением Product=0. В случае добавления класса, который подставляет в поле Product ссылку на существующую запись в таблице EcoResProduct, при выполнении doInsert() выдается ошибка, что такая запись в InventTable уже существует. Как быть?


  3. Mudit Mittal says:

    We are going to update the video next week. Regarding the error, you completely uninstalled the previous version and installed new version. Also, is the Data import/export framework service running?

  4. Mudit Mittal says:

    Сергей, please post your message in English.

  5. Thanks Mittal,

    is the attach setup files correct in Informationsource? in this page picture(at the top the this page) DMF size is 19.7 MB. But if you go to InformationSource, download link is 19.2 MB.

  6. Mudit Mittal says:

    Please use informationsource one, my screenshot is not correct.

  7. Is there a option to create a entity based out of multiple tables..

  8. Guillaume DURAND says:

    Hi Mittal,

    During the validation step of the installation, I receive a prerequisite validation error :

    "Gacutil utility for registering .Net 3.5 assembly".

    On newsgroups i found many workarounds like coying gacutil.exe and gacutil.exe.config files into  "C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SDKsWindowsv7.0AbinNETFX 4.0 Tools" and others folders.

    But I stil not able to pass the validation step.

    My Windows operating System is in French,  … may be an explanation about the failure of the workarounds in my case.

    Anay idea ?


  9. Mudit Mittal says:

    Hi Guillaume

    We recently identified a bug, can you please try this workarround –

    Control Panel – Region and Language – Additional Settings

    Decimal Symbol change it to "."  

    After installation , change it back to original value.

  10. Mudit Mittal says:

    Hi IT Programmer

    "create a entity based out of multiple tables."

    Do you mean multiple target tables part of single entity – if so , yes you can do that.

    Do you mean multiple staging tables part of single entity – if so, no. However you could try to use composite entity.

  11. Hi Mudit,

    you're right, the workaround is to change the decimal regional setting.



  12. Maxime Gauthier says:

    Hi Mudit,

    I played with the previous beta version of DMF and I was wondering if the new version has the same limitations when it comes to creating custom entities and the need for the developper to actually code the table verifications, inserts and then return the rec ids for referenced data?



  13. Prasanna says:

    Hi Mudit,

    We are trying to install the model in our Ax base(6.0.947.0), we are not successed, please let us know any suggestions. Error message as attched below :

    WARNING: One or more model elements in the imported model file contains

    elements that have a different name in the model store. The following elements

    have been renamed during import:

    TableField BankLGAccountType renamed to BankDocumentType

    TableField ItemReservation renamed to Reservation

    TableField PriceDiscSystemSource renamed to SystemEntrySource

    ERROR: The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_LabelFileLanguageHasLableTexts". The conflict occurred in database "MicrosoftDynamicsAX", table "dbo.ModelElementData".

    The statement has been terminated.

    Thanks in Advance.


    Lakshmi Prasanna.

  14. Hi Mudith,

    There are few out of the box entities available for AX2012 and AX2012 FP are missing for AX2012 R2. Below are few of them













    Can you please let us know, is this intentional and what is the alternate for this?



  15. Mudit Mittal says:

    @Prasanna  – Are you importing the correct model file? We have three different model files – RTM, R1 and R2.

    @Syed – I think you are talking about demo files and not entities. Same entities are available in R2 as well. Regarding demo files, we have simillar files for R2 as well. For example – ProductEntityEntity_RU,VendorEntity_Basic ,etc.. In most cases you can use prior version demo files as well. We added R2 demo files mainly for countryspecific stuff.

    @Maxime Gauthier – For using entities which are not available out of the box, you have multiple options.

    1. Use table type entity – no code is required, this is incase entity is very flat and you want to bypass staging and directly get data in target.

    2. Create custom entity – this can be done using wizard or manually. We have documentation updated to do it manually. Regarding writting code for returning reference recids and all , it is not needed. For example – Vendor entity has FK for VendExceptionGroup but no specific method is created for that. If you add datasource to Query with correct relations, system would automatically do that for you.

  16. Manoj says:

    How to download this video? Although I can watch it in preview window. But I want to download the video.


    Manoj Parashar

  17. Hi Mittal;

    There is problem about language. In our country, we have a letters which is not in en-us language.

    Like ş, ç, ü, ğ.

    When i get staging data. this letters changed to strange letter. is there any solution for this? i tried source data formats language field. but it is the same.

  18. Mudit Mittal says:

    Porobab – in source format – Regional settings – Unicode is True? If not please change that.

  19. Mudit Mittal says:

    Manoj – For video I will get it posted on informationsource for download soon.

  20. Cody says:

    Can you explain what you mean by 'number sequence support'?

  21. Mudit Mittal says:

    @Cody – If you are trying to import from file/odbc and it miss a particular field example – AccountNum (in case of customer), then you can chose to autogenerate that using number sequences in Ax. After generating source to staging mapping, you can go to modify source mapping and then add a row with Staging field – AccountNum and enable Autogenerate check box. In this case , when you execute "Get staging" accountnumbers would be pulled from number sequences.

  22. JAK says:

    We are also getting this error  – "Assembly containing type brMicrosoft.Dynamics.AX.DMF.DriverHelper.DMFOdbcDriver is not referenced." when attempting to browse to the file in Setup –> Source Data formats –>  selecting DSN name and browsing to the DSN file.  In addition we get the error Object "CLRObject" could  not be created.  This is using the newest Data Import Export tool referenced above.  

  23. Mudit Mittal says:

    Sharing details for some fixes which were released recently.

    KB2859111 – AX 2012 R2 – Data Import Export Framework – Entity selection criteria is overwritten…/KBHotfix.aspx

    KB2859131 – DIEF – Errors when creating a CustGroup table custom entity, "TreeNode object not initialized"…/KBHotfix.aspx

    KB2859114 – DIEF – Update on a valid time state table is not allowed without specifying a ValidTimeStateUpdateMode…/KBHotfix.aspx

    KB2859113 – Importing Product Category Hierarchy using the Product Category Hierarchy Entity does not set the Product Category name…/KBHotfix.aspx

    KB2862682 – DIEF error – InventTableModule runs update the wrong information and tables…/KBHotfix.aspx

  24. How to use DMF to import Fixed assets and Fixed assets transaction?

  25. Mudit Mittal says:

    Hi Wandee

    There is an Asset entity available, have you looked at it?

  26. Ahmed says:

    Hi Mittal

    Can you give us some suggestion on error handling while exporting. Is there any documentations we have millions of records and error handling is a challenge for us. What are some of the best practices around it? Can you help

  27. Hi Mudit says:

    I want to import financial dimension values (form: DimensionValueDetails). There is no predefined entity available. Do you have any hints how to create a custom entity?

  28. Mudit Mittal says:

    Hi Ahmed

    Can you give examples for the errors you are experiencing related to export and error handling. We are planning to enhance that for next version, so it would help to know errors you are facing.

  29. Mudit Mittal says:

    For "financial dimension values" have you tried Dimensions entity?

  30. Hi Mittal,

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Any idea for importing Chinese?

    Which code page should be chosen? I have ticked Unicode and tried UTF8 & most Chinese but still failed. System keep prompting the file has problem or fail the validation.

    E.g. The byte sequence 0xff at position 1. in file C:UsersDesktopPurchaseType.dat is not valid in codepage 950. The Unicode substitution character U+FFFD was substituted.

    Meanwhile, we have added several fields at InventTable, but when I find in the mapping, I can't find them. Any steps I missed?

    Thanks in advance~~~

  31. Ronald Richter says:

    Hi Mudit,

    I can sucessfully import main accounts using the "MainAccount" entity.

    In Addition to the level of main accounts "Chart of accounts" we'd like to Import data per legal entity (companies). Can you give me information how this can be done?

    Thanks in advance


  32. Graeme Kelly says:

    Hi Mudit,

    When using the wizard to create a custom entity there are two options, one to generate from method, and the other to generate from query. Can you explain what those options do.

    Many Thanks


  33. Graeme Kelly says:

    Hi Mudit,

    We are creating entitiies and related table, query and class on a development machine, what is needed to deploy to other environments in terms of data in the underlying framework tables and the objects it uses.



  34. Data Migration Framework for CU6? says:

    Hi Mudit,

    do you also plan to upgrade the DMF to CU6?

    As far as I can see, between R2 and R2 CU6 only 3 AOT code objects need to be changed (Macro DataContainerTypes, Menu MainMenu and Security Process Cycle SysServerIT).

    Are there any changes required to the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Data Migration Framework Service, or to the referenced DMF DLLs?

    best regards,


  35. Mudit Mittal says:

    Kyle2011 – did you mark Unicode option in source format?

    Graemy – new entities if created correctly would automatically generate mapping,etc. So nothing should be needed. But if you do manual mapping , you can export dmf* tables.using dat/def.

    martin – you can use it against cu6 by resolving conflicts against those 2-3 objects.

    We are planning for cu7 for next release, there is lot of new features as well..

  36. Hi Mudit,

    Parallel execution support from staging to target using Task Bundling

    Nothing seems to run in parallel, how can I get multiple entities running in parallel?

    The loads take too long at the moment.



  37. Mudit Mittal says:

    Hi Troy

    For Task Bundling – When you do Copy data to target(staging to target), you can set Number of Tasks in Target data execution form. It is available per entity in Processing group, if you set it to more than 1 , it would divide the load into equal bundles.

    Example –

    Number of record = 100 (Calc)

    Number of tasks = 2 (Input)

    Bundle size = 50 (Calc)

  38. Ahmed says:

    I get the below error when migrating leder dimensions

    Results. Record ('00470-GNJL000788-1.00') -. Financial dimension 0 does not exist.

    Results. Record ('00470-GNJL000788-1.00') -. Error found when validating record.

    Data written to target 'Opening balance' ('0' records created, '0' records updated)

    I have posted a manual journal and used the exact same details but still get the above error when migrating to target. I have configured the source data format section to include dimensions as per account structure stil no luck.

    Any help appreciated

  39. Graves Kilsgaard says:


    I am running: Ax 2012R2 CU6

    I get arround 40 errors when i am exporting my databases with the Tool, all of them is:

    "Cannot resolve the collation conflict between "SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS" and "Danish_Norwegian_CI_AS" in the UNION operation"

    I am running Danish_Norwegian_CI_AS as collation on all my databases in the Company, and:

    Danish (Denmark)     0x0406    0x0406    Danish_Norwegian_CI_AS

    on all server/client systems.

    Is there any way to splve this error?

    Thanks 🙂


  40. Graves Kilsgaard says:

    Sorry sorry to many open webpages, published on wrong page :-((

  41. Markus Gmeiner says:


    During PurchOrderHeader or SalesOrderHeader target process we get the error message "The record already exists.". But the target table is empty, the log offers no further information's and the validation of all staging entities are successful.

    Sometimes it was possible to create a new target entity with the same entity. But in this case we can not find a solution. Does anybody have an idea what's could be happen?

    regards, Markus

  42. Hi,

    In Ax R2, I create a simple table with Id and Description (2 fields). Then i use the Framework wizard to create the DMF entity for the new table. I successful import the data into the staging table using csv file. However, when i run the "Copy data to target". It only able to create the 1st record into target table, the others records give message "  'xx' records updated"

    May i know why it show "UPDATED"? But record it not insert into target table? How to resolve this. Pls advice.



    KY Tan

  43. Mitchell Gray says:

    The Asset Entity does not include the default dimensions on the Value Model. How do you recommend that these important fields are imported?

  44. Markus Gmeiner says:


    The processing group "sales order line" does not create a transaction after importing objects. In the "purch order line"-Import the transactions are available. After a test run with the delimited demo-files from Microsoft the problem is still the same.

    Is there in general a solution – to get transactions – or is there no way?

    regards, Markus

  45. Markus Gmeiner says:


    In issue of "The processing group "sales order line" does not create a transaction after importing" we found a solution:

    It's necessary to change the sequence number in the target entity of "sales line" on the object "SalesQty". We changed the number from "2" to "6". Now it works!

    regards, Markus

  46. Janet E Blake says:

    Hi Mudit! If you have set up custom entities in one environment, and want to move them to another environment, is there any documentation/reference for what metadata should be moved? I'm thinking entity table, mappings, etc. Thanks!

  47. Raman says:


    We are on AX 2012 R2 CU7 in a clustered AOS environment in production. In TEST we have a single AOS.

    I'm testing in TEST and I'm receiving the following error when I try to export to a CSV file from a staging table:

    Assembly containing type Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.DMF.DriverHelper.DMFOdbcDriver is not referenced.

    Object 'CLRObject' could not be created

    File path is invalid

    Thank you.

  48. Jackie Olson says:

    I was looking at the AX 2012 Upgrade Guide.  On page 40, it says –

    If you have installed any version of the Data Import/Export Framework from InformationSource, you must fully uninstall it before upgrading. This includes removing all binary files by using Add/Remove Programs, and then uninstalling any model that begins with DMF from the FPK layer. For more information see How to: Remove (Uninstall) a Model (…/6552673a-a386-4349-9438-64c0de94ca7d(AX.60).aspx).

    You do not need to remove installations of the Data Import/Export Framework that were installed as part of cumulative update 7 for AX 2012 R2.

    I am going to do an in-place upgrade from AX 2012 R2 (no CUs)…so according to the above documentation, I am going to remove DIEF per above.  


    1. So, after I've upgraded to AX 2012 R3, I will need to re-install DIEF (the version from CU7)…where can I download this newer version from?

    2.  I am assuming you will need to do a new install of DIEF after R3 so, no upgrade for DIEF?

  49. Andrew Olson says:

    I noticed a couple people having trouble importing Unicode files.  I am having the same issue even after setting the source data format to "Unicode" = true.  Tried UTF-8 as well.

    Does anyone have a solution to this?

  50. Steffen says:

    Hi! I have an issue when I want to import data I always get the following error message:

    CREATE TABLE permission denied in database 'tempdb'.

    We granted the AOS user all rights on the tempdb but still this error message is coming. Does anyone have an idea how to solve that?

  51. Sashi says:

    How can I create a custome entity for multiple target tables like Asset entity (AssetTable, AssetBook etc).

    because the wizard only accept the single table name.

    If using the query, then where I have to pass the query name.

    please help me.

  52. VP says:

    HI Jackie Olson

    Did you get clarification on your question. I am also looking for same details. Can you please share your experience particular to DIEF if you already done with upgrade.

  53. jolso says:

    Hi VP, I was doing an in-place upgrade (AX 2012 RTM to AX 2012 R3).  Since my customer had DIEF from a version prior to AX 2012 R3 Cu7, I had to remove that DIEF model. (followed the instructions in the upgrade guide)  Once I got the customer upgraded to AX 2012 R3, I then installed DIEF from the R3 installer.  Please see here for installation details –…/dn720760.aspx

  54. Vijay says:

    Hi Mudit,

    How to import multiple company data in single go.

    I am using ODBC option and in Query string I am able to fetch all company data.

    I have added new field legacydataAreaId where I am getting company Id from old ax system.

    Now where we have to customization for this.

    thanks a lot

  55. Vjiay says:

    Hi Mudit,

    Do we have any performance bench marking document for DMF?


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