New IDMF v2 Beta release has been uploaded to InformationSource

We uploaded the Beta 2.0 of the of the Intelligent Data Management Framework for Dynamics AX 2012 Version 2 which holds a set of optimizations for the Fiscal Period archiving template. Please note that this version can also be used for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0.

A few other important changes:
• Metadata synchronization has been modified to include relations and properties in the application object tree (AOT). This change means that you only need to run post installation tasks once.
• Recurring schedules that would overlap are now executed in sequence, and no longer fail.
• The ByFiscalPeriod template now includes virtual company support for the InventTable.   

Comments (4)

  1. Phil Betts says:

    Are there any plans to release the IDMF for AX 2012 R2, and if so do you have expected timescales for delivery?

  2. Pete Mats says:

    I'd like someone to comment as well on IDMF support for AX 2012 R2 support as well as R3??   Can't find ANY info on support coming??  not coming??? etc..   I'm a partner and need to figure out whether I can say AX 2012 R2+ has archiving features.   Don't think we will install  2012 RTM anymore..   will move to R3 once released.   PLEASE.. someone answer the question on IDMF support for future releases.

  3. Hey Pete, team is working on releasing IDMF to support AX 2012 R2 and above in next few months. We will announce the date once it is finalized.


  4. Marappan says:

    Hey I'd like to know IDMF scheduling with dynamic parameter for each run. Is that any tool available for automation?

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