Improving SSRS Report Performance using new R3 features – Part 6

Using SrsReportDataProviderPreProcessTempDB class In Ax2012, we introduced class SrsReportDataProviderPreProcess class as the solution for long running SSRS reports that cause SSRS time out. The approach is to process data in Ax session before calling SSRS. The preprocessed data stored in a regular SQL table shared by all user sessions, only to be striped by session id….


Improving SSRS Query-based Report Performance by not Using Display Methods – Part 3

This post is about Query based reports in Ax2012. Ax2012 supports table display method in query based reports. It is convenient to use. For example, the query for VendDueReportDetail is on VendTable and looks like this in VS designer:   The table display methods above look up VendInvoiceJour and VendTrans tables to get the last…


“Day in the Life Benchmark” available for Download on PartnerSource and CustomerSource.

As of now the “Day in the Life Benchmark” for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is available for download. It showcases the immense amount of performance and scalability improvements which have gone into Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Some of the highlights of the “Day in the Life”  Benchmark:1. 5200 Concurrent Users.2. 1+ Million Lines per Hour across 10+…


Event Trace Parser Tool for Microsoft Dynamics AX Released

We have released the RTM version of Event Trace Parser Tool for Microsoft Dynamics AX (aka TraceParser). You can download the tool from CustomerSource or PartnerSouorce. The Event Trace Parser for Microsoft Dynamics® AX is a user interface and data analyzer built on top of the Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) framework.  The ETW framework allows…