Trace Parser Release Candidate 2

Trace Parser has been updated with some new user-friendly UI changes as well as stability improvements. Please give it a try from either Partner Source or Customer Source. You will need an account to download.

Please post any issues or feedback and we can try to get it incorporated into the RTM release.

Comments (14)

  1. MichaelTroelsen says:

    Great tool.

    How can i control the trace parsers access to the source, when i have DAX 4.0 and DAX 2009 on my pc?

    I want to be able to tell the trace parser tool to use a specific client configuration when accessing the x++ source code.

    It is not possible to enable tracing for the business connector. This would be a great option for performance tuning EP portal and other program which uses the Business connector.


    Michael Troelsen

  2. says:

    I installed without errors but I get the following error when I try to run the traceparcer.exe…

    EventType clr20r3, P1 traceparser.exe, P2, P3 49223fca, P4 traceparser, P5, P6 49223fca, P7 f50, P8 11, P9, P10 NIL.

  3. Renaissance says:

    I am trying to install the RC2 and the project

    PrivateProjecct_Tracing.Xpo seems to be missing some functionality especially in tracingcockpit form. Is there any way I can get the Xpo.

  4. Ray Bennett says:


    PrivateProject_Tracing.xpo is dynamically generated into the installation directory at install time. Just navigate to the folder you installed Trace Parser to, and it should be there.

  5. Renaissance says:

    Hi, Thanks for the early reply. The project got generated , but the form tracing cockpit is missing design and data source part.

    Also, I am installing this on AX sp2, and the traceparcer installation screen doesn’t show the AX client integration part


  6. ortwin20000 says:

    I have downloaded the RC2 from Partnersource and tried to install it on an german version of Vista.

    During installation with admin rights i got an error 1001 and the installation canceled. I used an external SQL Server on my network for the database. Now I have an entry under Programs and when I try to repair or remove it it give me the error 1001 "Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt".

    I also tried it on a german windows xp installation and got the same error.

    Is this tool only for an english os?

    Kind regards,


  7. ortwin20000 says:


    I tried to install the trace parser on a german windows system. It gave me an error 1001.

    Is this program only functional on an englisch os?

    Kind regards,


  8. Ray Bennett says:


    Trace Parser is only supported and tested on English operating systems, and is not localized. I will try to test it for the RTM release to make sure there is a successful installation on a localized build.


  9. Ray Bennett says:


    You are right. I have done some work to allow trace parser to work with multiple versions of AX on the same system, but by default it will use the BC to communicate with AX, and thus will use whatever one is loaded when it starts up.

  10. JDF says:

    When I start the tracer in the cockpit I get the error in the event viewer "Could not retrieve client trace filename.". What is going wrong?

    Many thanks

  11. jaxdax says:

    I have a class that makes an ODBC connection to another database, and it looks like the parser is not able to recognize this event correctly, and does not parse the file correctly. The resulting trace shows tracing only up to the point it makes the ODBC connection – everything that follows is omitted, though the trc file does contain all the activity between AOS and db after the ODBC connection. I have this trc file, is it possible to submit this to the Trace Parser team to review and debug? It is approximately 2Mb zipped.

  12. Ray Bennett says:


    Can you please email me at [my username on this blog] AT microsoft D.O.T com

  13. ddjong says:

    I get same error as 'JDF' … could not retrieve client trace filename … what can I do to fix this?

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