Trace Parser Release Candidate 2

Trace Parser has been updated with some new user-friendly UI changes as well as stability improvements. Please give it a try from either Partner Source or Customer Source. You will need an account to download. Please post any issues or feedback and we can try to get it incorporated into the RTM release.


Debugging X++ Object Leaks

One of the most important aspects of writing managed code that interacts with AX through the Business Connector is cleaning up objects.  Each AxaptaObject and AxaptaTable must have dispose called on it before going out of scope, or we’ll leak the object on the server with no way to clean it up.  AxaptaObject and AxaptaTable…


Ax Database Configuration Checklist Part 2

NOTE: This section has been updated to include special considerations for running SQL Server on Windows Server 2008. We have also modified our recommendations for setting Auto Update Statistics Asynchronously to FALSE from TRUE.   Tempdb database storage configuration   q  Determine total size of data and transaction log required for tempdb to avoid autogrow, and…


Welcome — Ax Database Configuration Checklist part 1

Welcome to the Dynamics Ax Performance Team’s blog.  We’re putting together a team introduction and hope to have it posted within the next week or so.  The first entries will discuss SQL Server 2005 configuration and Best Practices for Dynamics Ax, but we’ll be covering a much wider range of topics over the coming months,…