Overproduction in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


With the introduction of the new warehouse management capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, it is possible to Report as finished a production or batch order from a handheld device. The only disadvantage of using this capability is that you can’t overproduce. The user will be blocked by the error: Quantity reported as finished exceed the quantity started, and have no option to override the setting.

With Hotfix KB 3034999, we leverage the quantity validation parameters, originally built for the Manufacturing execution module, so the user can now report overproduction from a handheld device.

Overproduction is the term used in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for reporting a production or batch order as finished when the quantity produced is greater than originally planned. This is a common scenario in the process industry and can be caused by many factors, for example, potency and yield.

When you produce more items than planned for a production or batch order, you will get the following blocking error: Quantity reported as finished exceeds the quantity started.

In order to allow for overproduction, you have to select the parameter Accept error in the Report as finished parameters. This will bypass the quantity validation check and then allow for overproduction.

For companies that use the Manufacturing execution module in Dynamics AX2012, there is a more advanced support for overproduction. In this module, you can set up a quantity validation based on different criteria. For example, you can accept overproduction in percent based on the planned quantity, the started quantity, or the quantity reported on the previous operation.


To show an example of how overproduction is reported, I have changed the demo script for CU8 "SCM Demo Script - Batch orders and WMS integration" (Attached). I have changed the section:


The following diagram shows the complete logic. The logic was originally only applicable for reporting overproduction from the job registration form in the Manufacturing execution module, but is now applicable for the scenario where the user needs to report overproduction from a handheld device. 


SCM Demo Script - Batch orders and WMS integration - Overproduction.pdf

Comments (5)

  1. Eugen Glasow [MSFT] says:

    This is a good start, however: are you able to over-deliver the over-produced quantity in the WHS module?

  2. Ubaid Noor says:

    Is this applicable only on Hand Held device?

    What if i am using a normal way to start and report as finish the Batch order? Will this hotfix help?

  3. Johan Hoffman says:

    Hi Ubaid,

    This is now applicable for the hand held device where we leveraged the functionality known from the manufacturing execution system where you can set up quantity validation.

    Normal production and batch orders do not leverage the quantity validation parameters.

  4. Preetinder Singh says:


    In my scenario, we are doing excess production than what we have started with. While performing "Report as Finish" i used to tick on "Accept Error" to make excess production posted. Till here everything goes fine, but upon doing "End" of the production run, it creates 2 lines in the "Reported as Finished" journal. in 1st line it shows the standard production with which i have started the production and in the 2nd line it reverses the over-production which i have done.

    Same is the scenario when there is shortage in the production than that of standard. In that case the new line is created to add the remaining production.

    Please help me out.

  5. Johan Hoffmann says:

    Hi Preetinder,

    I need more details to answer why you are seeing this behavior. I suggest that you report this issue through the official support channel, so we can get detailed repro steps and settings.

    Best regards,

    Johan Hoffmann

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