Microsoft Dynamics AX Production floor app is available in the Microsoft Windows App store

Along with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft has released the Windows 8 Production floor app that works with the product. This app is compatible only with installations of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 or later.

With the Production floor app, you have a mobile, actionable overview of the production jobs that need your attention today. You can quickly perform daily production tasks such as starting jobs, reporting jobs as finished, and registering breaks and absence. Large font sizes and input controls improve readability and make the app easy to use while you’re on-the-go.

Want to try it out? You can download the app from the Microsoft Windows App store and run it in a demonstration mode that lets you explore the features without a connection to Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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  1. Michael Christensen says:

    Is there any documentation? I get connection failed no matter what I put in server name. (I have a R3 running the jmgshopfloorservice..)

  2. Thanks for the feedback. We are working on documentation for the Production floor app. In the meantime, please try these steps:

    • In Dynamics AX open the AOT and find Service Group “JmgShopfloorServiceGroup”. Right click and choose Deploy.

    • Start installation of AX and add component “Web services on IIS”, use your own credentials and default Web settings.

    • In Dynamics AX, open System administration > Setup > Services and App Integration Framework  > Inbound ports

    o Create NEW with the name SFC

    o Change adapter to HTTP

    o Click drop down on URI

     Click dropdown on Web site and choose Available and click OK

    o The link under URI is the one you need to enter in the app

    o Click Service operations button under Service contract customization tab.

     Select and drag over all Operations with prefix JMG

    o Click the Activate button.

  3. Michael Christensen says:

    Hi Fredrik

    Thx for the quick respons! :o)

    Could the server adress be something like this?:  http://ax2012r3bred:82/MicrosoftDynamicsAXAif60/SFC/xppservice.svc

  4. Hi Michael,

    Yes, this could for example be the address .

  5. Michael Christensen says:

    Ok – but I still get connection fails 🙁

    Any ideas where to look?

  6. I can see you you're using a non standard port : 82, which  is probably closed by your firewall. Please try the following:

    1. Open the link from your browser (on the machine where Dynamcs AX is installed). If it works you should see  a page.

    a) If you can't see a page then something is wrong with your Dynamics AX configuration.

    b) if you can see a page please continue with step 2

    1. Open the link from the browser, on the device where the app is installed.

    a)  If you can’t see a page then it is probably network security or firewall issue.

  7. Michael Christensen says:

    Hi Fredrik

    The app is installed on the AOS server where the AIF website is running also 🙂 The page is displayed nicely without errors.

    Any ideas? 🙂

  8. Steffen Pedersen says:


    Any updates on this post? I am also struggeling on the setup.

    The app connection to AX is not possible when following your guide.

    Thank you in advance.

    / Steffen

  9. Hi Steffen,  please let me know if you have installed the Production floor app on the AOS server or a separate device.



  10. Steffen Pedersen says:


    I have installed this on the AOS server.



  11. Hi,

    Please try to install the app on a separate device (Windows 8.1 Pro or Windows 8.1 RT)  and connect the app to your AX server and let me know how it works, thanks.

    Best Regards,


  12. M. Abd salam says:


    I had a little problem while installing the app. Actually, I tried to set up a connection to a server, it failed and then when I hit go back I got to a screen with two buttons connect or cancel, but neither worked and there is no way out, can't even go back to demo mode. Even uninstalling and installing the app diden't do the trick. I will probably try to remove the app data ..and see ..

    Does any one knows what kind of address (the server address) the app is waiting for?  is it the complete service path ?  

    And did someone actually tried and succeeded in connecting to a server ?


  13. Iacopo Panozzo says:

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to make this thing work as well.

    It seems that I've been able to connect, since it lets me select the company in the connection settings and I can see all the companies that have been setup in AX.

    Apart from that, thou, it seems that it doesn't work. It doesn't retrieve the Production units from AX, or the resource groups. I can't login with my Time&Attendance enabled user in any way (Personnel number, badge id, nothing).

    Has anyone actually managed to use the app? I can't find any setting within the app to play with.



  14. Skomialek says:


    "Does any one knows what kind of address (the server address) the app is waiting for?  is it the complete service path ?"

    The address you need to use comes from the HTTP inbound port that needs to added for the service. It looks like:


    if you paste this URL in the browser you'll see the "RoutingService Service" page – if you don't it means that there can be some configuration problem.



  15. We are currently working on a more detailed description of the configuration on the server side. However, this majorly consists of configuring the services on the AOS. If you have issues with the service configuration on the AOS, we would ask you to open a support case on this.

  16. AksheyGupta says:

    thank you conrad

  17. M. Abd salam says:

    Thanks Skomialek

  18. I. Panozzo says:

    Hi all,

    Can anyone confirm/deny if the computer/tablet I'm using the app from needs to be in the same domain as the AOS?

    I managed to install and apparently connect (I can choose the company in the connection setup) but I can't choose any production unit or work centre group.

    I know I am one step to make it work, but can't really get there!

    Has anyone else managed to have the app actually work connected to an AX environment?

    Does anyone now if you can use the app connecting to an Azure environment?



  19. Hi guys!

    Here's my POC setup: AX instance in the Cloud (IaaS), Production Floor App on the laptop

    I deployed Demo AX instance with Contoso Demo Data in Azure using LCS, then exposed Jmg Services through Inbound port using HTTP. Also I added HTTP (port 80) endpoint to the Azure VM itself in Azure Portal (it is fine for my POC, but it is not secure in general case)

    My Production Floor App is installed on my laptop

    And this is Connection settings for the app:

    Demo mode: Off

    Server address: http://AX2012R3-D​​​rosoftDyna​micsAXAif6​0/SFC/xpps​ervice.svc

    User name: Admin

    Password: ***

    I don't specify Partition just leaving it blank

    After clicking "Test connection" you will see the list of companies

    And ultimately I'm logged in as Christina Portra (based on Contoso Demo Data) in Production Floor App

    Good luck!

    Best Regards,


  20. Skomialek says:


    "I managed to install and apparently connect (I can choose the company in the connection setup) but I can't choose any production unit or work centre group."

    The connection settings contain only information related to the AX user and server. Once the connection settings are set you should see a sign in screen (this would be step one). Production unit and work center group is filtering which can be set in a separate settings pane (settings charm – it will be available once the connection to the server is established / you can see the sign in screen). If filters are not set all jobs will be provided.

    Hope it clarifies a bit.



  21. I. Panozzo says:

    Hi Lukasz,

    Thanks for the answer.

    I managed to get it working!

    I've even reviewed in the store, giving feedback on what I think should be fixed.

    Thanks again!


  22. An article about how to configure the Production Floor app has been published to TechNet here:…/dn771606.aspx.

    For any issues in relation to the Production floor service configuration of the app or any issues with Production floor app, please open a support case.

    Best Regards,


  23. Christophe Jourdan - Isatech - MBS partner says:


    I succeed to use this application in the same environnement than the AOS but I have to setup in connection form of the apps the external url like…/xppservice.svc. I think it is a default of the apps.

    How can I translate this apps in French ? or do you plan to do this ?

    Best regards

  24. Johan Hoffmann says:

    Hi Christophe,

    We haven't translated the app into other languages than "en-us" yet, and the translation can only be done by the core team. We don't have any immidiate plans to make the translation.

    Kind regards,


  25. Paul Thompson says:

    Hi,  Is there any documentation available for running the production floor application?  I am using the application in demo mode at the moment but can't ascertain how to exit the report progress screen.

    Regards, Paul

  26. Hi Paul, says:

    Here is a link to the general documentation of the app:…/dn771606.aspx

    We are currently investigating an issue with missing OK/Cancel button when running on a Surface RT device (Win 8.1). Which device are you running the app on?


    Johan Hoffmann

  27. Paul Thompson says:

    Hi Johan,

    Thanks for the fast response.

    Running on a laptop with Windows 8.1 Enterprise.

    Regards, Paul

  28. Paul Thompson says:

    Hi Johan,

    Thanks for the information.  I already had the link but was looking for more functional instructions.  Is there anything available?

    Running Windows 8.1 on a laptop.

    Regards,  Paul

  29. Paul Thompson says:

    Hi Johan,

    Any update on the functional instructions and missing button?

    Also, are there any plans to add additional functionality into the application and are they documented?  The app looks great but does not reflect all the functionality available on the job registration screens at this point.  Once we get the connection to server established I will provide some feedback.

    Regards, Paul

  30. Paul Thompson says:


    For info if tab used the missing buttons appear so are there but just lower than displayed area of screen.  No scroll bar appears to get down to them otherwise.

    Regards, Paul

  31. Rohit says:

    I have been trying to install this app, but it just gives ,connection failed error..

    followed the steps as mentioned in the Technet and here..

    I have tried it on server where my AOS is installed(single box installation) and on my laptop.. it works nowhere,,

    On AOS the URLWSDL for webservice is accessible when we run it on i.e.

    on laptop urlwsdl is not accesible so i suppose it will not work..

    What should i do to make the WSDLURL work on i.e. on my laptop itself.. is there any setup that i need to perform in inbound port?

    and How do i make it work on my AOS system, the steps are simple and straight forward, but then it doesnot work.. please help.. it is urgent..

  32. Johan Hoffmann says:

    Hello Rohit,

    Please log this through the Microsoft support channel as this is the current process for handling issues like this.

    Regards, Johan

  33. A. Facer says:

    Currently have this app working. I noticed that the user is able to register a quantity as finished against all secondary operations – this is not possible using the native job registration.

    I have also noticed that the finished material is sometimes booked into inventory at the completion of a non-final operation step, if a quality order is set to auto create at that line. I need to test this in order to replicate it.

  34. Rohit says:

    Hi Johan,

    Thanks for your suggestion, i was able to solve the issue,

    Used azure DNS name of my virtual machine instead of "server name" in the URL which we use as a connection string on login screen of production floor app.

    But now i have a strange issue, if we try and do any changes we get even entering personnel no. we get an error – "Value was either too large or too small for an Int 32." any idea why this might be coming and how to solve this issue??

  35. Dave says:

    Where can I get the source code?  I found the source code for the time, expense, approval, but not the production floor.

  36. David says:

    Where is the source code published (MSDN has source code for time, expense, etc)…/source-code-released-for-dynamics-ax-windows-store-apps.aspx

  37. Daniel says:

    Function JmgPostStandardSystem.newJournal_JobCard has been incorrectly called.

  38. Daniel says:

    Hi when I close "job registration" screen after completing operation when I click on I get following message  "Function JmgPostStandardSystem.newJournal_JobCard has been incorrectly called."

  39. Daniel says:

    When I close screen after completing operation in "Job Registration" I get following message

    "Function JmgPostStandardSystem.newJournal_JobCard has been incorrectly called."

  40. Herbert Backhausen says:


    In reference to your earlier post:

    We are currently investigating an issue with missing OK/Cancel button when running on a Surface RT device (Win 8.1). Which device are you running the app on?

    I tried to RDP from my iPad to this app which is installed on our demo VM. I am having the same issues here that I don't see the OK and Cancel buttons. Everything else seems to work. (I tried it with PocketCloud Pro and with Jump Desktop)

    Do you have any update since this might be related? Or alternatively are you planning an iPad version?


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