What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 – Lot inheritance

Process industries often produce items for which certain characteristics, or attributes, of the ingredients need to be transferred or inherited to the manufactured items. These manufactured items may be finished goods and/or co-products. In many cases, only certain characteristics need to be inherited since these characteristics may become diluted when mixed with other ingredients. In some cases, the characteristic may represent an important attribute that needs to be tracked to the end items due to regulatory or other reasons.

Lot Inheritance enables users to configure items in a manner in which the product characteristics and shelf life information of the finished products can be updated by using the ingredients of the formula that is used to produce that item. For shelf life information, this enables users to define items so that the inventory batch that has the earliest shelf life dates updates the finished products, and the shelf life dates of the finished products are inherited from the inventory batch. For product characteristics, this enables users to define batch attributes for both the finished items and their ingredients, and then select the ingredients that pass their characteristics or attribute values to the finished good items. Users can also select to update co-products by using the same information for shelf life and product characteristics on a formula-by-formula basis.






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